Jun. 9th, 2011

I can't believe I'm whining about fandom again

I wish there were a way to join a couple of fandom summer fests as a cheerleader / non-writer team member, because I hate to think that all the squee and fun is going to be on private team comms. Bah. Then again, actually playing those things is frustrating for me - I'm used to being able to discuss my work with my teammates, not keep it all anonymous. I've done the anon team thing and it was kind of awful. (Snarry Games, I remember you fondly! ;D )
/end random fandom whine

In other news, I need fic recs for E from Merlin - she wants G/PG stuff mostly, well-written plotty stuff low on the sex, pre-slash is ok but no explicit slash. Het and femslash negotiable. She is almost finished with Season 1.

I'm going to go through my delicious lists later to see about some plotty friendship fics. Anybody have anything good off the top of their heads?
I can't WAIT for her to meet Gwaine. :D

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Apr. 25th, 2011

long time, no post

I have really dropped the ball here - not even a Card of the Day for a while!
I've been enjoying life, though - family gatherings, game playing, eating and drinking out, bar trivia, meeting the new cat ) (possible name: Greebo), taking care of my car, and not doing any art or writing. I am trying to get the writing done now, but it's hard going. Rar.
I saw the first episode of Game of Thrones, and will probably catch up on the rest with On Demand or something next month. Saw the premiere of Doctor Who on BBC America and was amazed, bewildered, and enchanted once again. Ogled spoileriffic photos from the set of Merlin as well. Yay!
I really have to focus, though, because things are happening that are on a schedule. First there's the wedding next weekend (you all know how much I love marrying people!), for which I must finish up the script. Then there's ApolloCon coming up very soon, and making sure I have all the materials ready for that. (If you're in Houston for the last weekend in June, come on by! We're awesome!)
Also coming up: Art Car Parade! w00t!

angsting about art )

Today I am concentrating on the writing, hopefully sometime this week I can go back and look at the art WIPs with a slightly more optimistic attitude.

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Mar. 24th, 2011

crash and burn

I'm declaring this evening done. After being uninspired for my glomp fest entry, I did some work on it and brought it up to a level I thought I could live with, figuring I could tweak it later. Then Painter crashed, and I realized that (as always when I have a crash) I hadn't saved in FAR TOO LONG. I lost basically the entire re-edit.

I suppose that wasn't actually the illustration style I need to use for that piece. Rar.

Now I'm thinking I should just go read or something until bedtime. No point starting something else with this kind of emotional stress in play.

If only work were easing up, but although I feel very good about the work and my progress, there's just SO MUCH, and I have a vacation-imposed deadline for some of it.

I've painted my fingernails blue. It looks really silly, given how little of fingernail there is, but perhaps the bright color in the corner of my eye will be a deterrent to biting, or something. Yum, stress.

Ok, time to go look at something that's not a computer screen for a while.

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Feb. 17th, 2011

Food, politics, and creativity

Today's card: Two of Water (again), Gaian Tarot
Two of Water, Gaian Tarot )
This again? Hm. Well, it's certainly apt as usual, because there's a lot of really exciting stuff happening, and I'm feeling lots of creative vibes.
New collaborations are in the works, plus progress is being made on writing and art that had been sidelined. Yay!
I have new connections of all kinds through Nefertem the magical purple smartphone, too. Never underestimate the power of FourSquare, I guess. Except I can't get it to post to Twitter (probably a good thing, really).

I had something really important to post about but I got distracted because, you know, work and stuff. Now I don't remember what it was. Possibly something political, but just thinking of all the petitions and congressional faxes and whatever else I've been sending is depressing. Democracy Now! every morning is depressing. Politicians' being assholes is depressing. Rape culture is infuriating, and the political attacks on womens' health are part of it! Rar! My Facebook overfloweth. And my state reps are screwing us over, too. Fun times, indeed.

I got spoiled for Fringe in a pagan blog, of all places. Oops. But I'm still totally engaged and watching Season 2.

I picked up some kale at the Farmers' Market this week and sauteed it with olive oil and garlic powder and it was AMAZING! Good grief. I want it, like, all the time, now. Bring me all the kale and garlic in the land!

Also on the subject of food, the H-town Streats lunch truck continues to be awesome, and Kim and I are planning to go to Inversion on other days, too, to hit the other two local trucks. Nom nom nom. Today for lunch we had beef sliders with bacon jam, parmesan truffle oil fries, and deep-fried chocolate coconut brownies with dulce de leche sauce. *swoon*

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Oct. 27th, 2010

on writing for Merlin

Seriously, this is just a bunch of whining about how hard I find certain kinds of fanfiction and writing in general, and wishing to find beta readers with tolerance for whining and rarepairs with their Arthur/Merlin.
Interested Merlin fans, read on. Everybody else can just skip this one. (Season 3 spoilers up to the most recent episode, plus speculation about alternative futures.)
oh, woe upon the canon AU ideas and trying to write characters who don't HAVE character )
In conclusion, where do people look for beta-readers for story stuff, rather than SPAG? Brainstorming and streamlining folk, basically.
I should write more anyway.

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Jun. 23rd, 2010

site compromised - art going away

It looks like the website where I manage my art gallery has been compromised by some malware. I am thinking that I may take this time to just do a complete overhaul of the domain, since it's woefully out of date anyway. But that will have to wait because ApolloCon needs my time for a while first. I am going to end up just deleting the whole thing, I think, and it will be a dead url for a time.

The upshot of this is that all my art will go away in a little while, and any other sites that use art hosted on my site will also get errors.

Ah, the joy of the internet. Time to take a more active interest in my websites, I see.

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