Oct. 12th, 2010

on writing the Robot Apocalypse

So Nanowrimo season approaches (I'm zephrene on those forums, if anybody is interested), and with it the write-ins and writing challenges roll in.
Monday at our monthly SFF Writers' Social Meet-up, we had a little writing exercise for the group, courtesy of Kim's experience at a workshop over the summer.
It went like this: first everybody took eight bits of paper and wrote down FOUR physical traits, and FOUR emotional/psychological traits. Then all the physical traits went into a pile, and everybody picked two. Then the emotional traits went into a pile, and everybody picked two. With our four bits of paper, we then created a character and took ten minutes to write up a brief character sketch.

My four bits of paper said: "Tall", "Mucous-covered", "Shy", and "Addicted to Meth"

Meet Elaine )

Once we had a character, we then got four more bits of paper each. We wrote down TWO places, and TWO events/situations. Those went into two piles, and we each chose one event and one place. We then had fifteen minutes to write our character into that situation at that place.

My two bits of paper said "24-hour diner" and "AI starts global take-over"(or something like that - I could have the second one a bit off. But it was basically SkyNet, ok?)

SPOILER/FAIR WARNING: This is a timed writing exercise, so it cuts off abruptly. I might be persuaded to comment-fic some extra stuff, as I do have a few ideas about what happens, but mostly it was just an exercise.

The end of the world... )

Yeah, I know, what luck that I got a Robot Apocalypse prompt! One would almost think it was rigged or something. ;)

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