Jul. 11th, 2011

cleaning up and catching up

Ok, I have finally moved a bunch of the boxes that have been cluttering up my apartment for months. Plus I have stacked all the ApolloCon stuff to one side, so while it's still there, it's no longer actively blocking my creative outlets. (By which I mean the sewing table is once again clear.)

So, ApolloCon happened. It was fun. My costume went over well on Saturday. I got to meet Darth Vader at the Artist Reception.
It's Darth Vader!
Yay! A thousand dreams from my childhood given form! You know it's a party when the Sith crash it.

Among the boxes that I moved/emptied were the ones holding my grandmother's doll collection. All of the dolls have now been photographed and placed on display in my apartment. She had a really amazing group from Poland, dressed in regional folk costume. The workmanship and tiny details are lovely.
Cracow Polish Folk Costume Doll Detail embroidery  - Lowicz region

Now to get the rest of my stuff organized and/or thrown out.

I'm also well into the art for my paperlegends entry, which is good. I was worried for a bit, but now things are coming together, I think.

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May. 5th, 2011

marrying and other fun hobbies

Once again I let myself get behind on posting, and on general creation of stuff.

So over this past weekend I married my friend Lola to her sweetie Robert, and it was awesome. I love marryin'. :)
They had a game-themed reception, which I have quite a lot of on my Flickr account. Hopefully soon Lola will post some official wedding photography from the day, and I'll be able to share it.

I managed to turn in a new segment of my steampunk submarine adventure, but I still get the feeling that I am not being correctly descriptive, and got crit that my sentences are too complex. So the upshot is that nobody actually understands what's happening. Gotta work on that.

Stalled out a bit working on my gnome mechanics, mostly because I was not getting what I wanted from the airbrush on Photoshop, so I scrapped it and will start again with Painter.
Plus maybe do some other work in Painter, as well. I have a poll up for suggestions.

Just finished reading Paladin of Souls, which was amazing. I really enjoyed it. I don't remember a damned thing about the prequel, but this one stands quite cheerfully alone.

Randomly, in the last two weeks I have gotten tons of raised eyebrows and excited reactions to my X-Wing Fighter pendant, which is more than I usually get. I would blame Star Wars Day, but I wasn't even wearing it then.

At some point I may get back to recounting my adventures in NYC and Philadelphia, but until then you can always just check my Flickr stream.

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Mar. 27th, 2011

a change in plans...

Well, our Menil Collection field trip will have to wait for another day. This time, tragic circumstances forced a shift: a death in Hillary's family caused all activity to move to getting her packed up to be picked up by her parents to fly to Chicago for the services.

I went over the ancestral homestead to give out hugs and generally be on hand, and brought with me the third Star Wars prequel, which we finished shortly before Hillary's parents arrived. I like it, but as I told Hillary, I tend to root for the Sith. So.

While I was there watching the movie I made some progress on Amidala:
More details

I'm still working tonight, too.
After we sent Hillary off, Peter joined us for dinner, which was fun. We talked of many things (including Peter's sending us all into hysterics with a randomly inserted line from M*A*S*H), and ate delicious things. So, the weekend was different from expected, but still ok.

ETA: this is the current version:
More work on the veil

What color do you think for the background and blanket, flist? My initial plan was to have purples and reds in the background (that's the pre-cursor to the Rebellion insignia on the wall), and a dark teal/blue blanket. But perhaps I should keep with the limited palette I've established, make the blanket something in the warmer range, and make the back wall a sun-ray effect, except for the red emblem.

Ponder ponder ponder. Perhaps I'll play with photoshop later to compare ideas.

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Mar. 26th, 2011

feeling good

So, I finished my glomp_fest entry (the one that got eaten by my Painter crash) today, then did my laundry while introducing my parents to the Star Wars prequels (my brother wails, "How could you do that to them?" but we really enjoyed them), and made some significant progress on my portrait of Amidala and Leia.

I came home and put all my laundry away first thing, too - I feel like such a grown-up.

I'm not entirely happy with the color so far - as Dad pointed out, I lost a bit of likeness when I transferred to the new paper and took it to color, so I'm going to cue up some Natalie Portman photos and try to recover that with the pencils in a bit. [ETA: Recovered a pretty decent likeness this evening, yay! Replaced the photo above with the new one. The other is still on Flickr, for comparison.]

But I really love to be working with them again, and I have my dancer to finish, too. Plus I have my workspace cleaned off so I can draw at my drafting table, instead of just using it for storage.


Tomorrow, mixed birthday shenanigans with the Scion and girlfriend and parents, at the Menil Collection. Awesome!

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Mar. 25th, 2011

rediscovering creativity

OK, so I stole the subject line from the title of a course we run at work, whatever.
In light of yesterday's epic software fail (and to keep myself from buying Painter 11 just because Corel sent me a coupon), I am cleaning up my bedroom and clearing my drafting table at last. I hope to finish either my Amidala art or another Star Wars piece in Prismacolor, for display at the art show.

Now, keeping in mind my love of Sith and my general disdain for Jedi (Qui-Gon excepted!), and the fact that I am a much bigger fan of muppets than of CGI, what should I draw? I thought about doing something with the doomed romance between Padme and Anakin, or perhaps something to parallel the Amidala & Leia art featuring Obi Wan and infant Luke? Or maybe I need to skip ahead to the Expanded Universe and draw Luke as a husband and father? Maybe there should be a duel between an unnamed Sith person and a Jedi who is a secondary or extra character in one of the films. (Maybe I should watch the Clone Wars animated stuff so I have new characters to play with...)

I am not totally committed to Star Wars to fill out my panel, either. There are many broadly appealing fandoms I could try. And I do intend to display as many of my Avatar: The Last Airbender pieces as I can. Hmmm. Perhaps a poll.

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Mar. 20th, 2011


So, briefly:

- Went to the MFAH to see the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists on loan from Washington, DC. It was pretty neat, but to be honest I was museum-ed out by the end of the exhibit and it wasn't even that big. The parental units were equally done so we went for dinner. Once again, I was denied carrot cake - Boo. I'm starting to think that it's something Barnaby's puts on the menu to taunt unwary diners.

- I'm working on some non-Merlin, non-HP art. I know, weird. I've got an expanded piece based on a ConceptArt.org Character of the Week assignment: fantasy races employed in the modern world. I am drawing D&D style gnomes as mechanics. Punk mechanics. With a Vespa. I've also now got a Star Wars Prequel Fix-it piece coming along of Padme and baby Leia.

- I am exploring the idea of using my Tumblr as a vehicle for my art. We'll see how that works out.

Other stuff is happening, but it's all in meatspace so far, and it's pretty good. Maybe I'll get into it in another post.

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Feb. 13th, 2011

Home with new toy

So, I made it home from San Antonio after a very fun conference and a brief stop at the Alamo and at El Mercado to have lunch at Mi Tierra restaurant. (Well worth the hype, IMO, and also a family tradition.)

Here is the required photo op:
In front of the Alamo
I think I will go get my hair cut today. Egads.

Also resident at the Alamo, which I had forgotten or perhaps never seen, beautiful giant koi fish:
Giant koi at the Alamo. Gorgeous!

Yesterday I visited the ancestral homestead to pick up my new smartphone (purple, already be-stickered), so expect me to become a head-down drone during all important interactions for a while now. :P He really is very cool, and I am very happy with him so far. (I think, as he is purple and has an Egyptian lotus sticker on his back, I will call him after the god of the lotus, Nefertem.)

I also got to have dinner with Donna and Jon and the little ones, who are very entertaining. (And were forgiving of my smartphone obsession.) We watched Star Wars, Episode I, which is Lando's current favorite, and it was actually not terrible to watch. Lando is a very enthusiastic Padawan learner, with his own lightsaber and everything. Watching with kids really makes you view these films in different ways.
As long as I didn't listen to any of the dialogue, it was great, and Liam Neeson was awesome! Donna and I had a whole conversation about the AU where Qui Gon lives and Obi-Wan doesn't fuck everything up with Anakin. It was awesome!

Today's card: Temperance from the Gaian Tarot.
Key 14: Temperance, Gaian Tarot )
In her description of this card, Joanna mentions specifically that it is a card beloved by and created for artists. It is a card of mixing and making, of creative solutions to problems and cooperation among disparate elements. I'd like to think that Temperance creates great energies in my life all the time, both spiritually and socially. I hope also that she watches over my creativity to keep me from becoming too predictable, or stuck in any ruts.

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Aug. 27th, 2010

Top 5s: Places, Movies, Snupin Stuff

Ok, this is me caught up on my Latin homework (for the moment) and continuing the Top 5 Meme.  I'm going to try to knock out several in one block this time.  I am saving the crafty / art ones until I have the time to actually sit with my various sites and portfolios and things.  Plus I took photos of the first sophisticated doll I ever made, when I was 14, for Emily's Top 5, so I'll have to post those before I can do that one.
Also, I have a shoebox full of photos from my high school trips abroad and my college years - those are going to be scanned soon and posted to Flickr.  So watch out, college buddies. (I admit there are a few folks I wish I could airbrush out, but I will maintain the integrity of the photos.) 

from [personal profile] glockgal

Top 5 places you've visited (and loved) )

Top 5 things you do to stop being bored
1. Read fanfiction.
2. Draw something.
3. Start a crafty project
4. Grab a beloved book off the shelf to re-read.
5. Start organizing my apartment. 

from [profile] dizilla
top 5 favorite sci-fi movies (or if not enough, fantasy too) -- Oh, Diz, I could do five of each!  And in fact, I think I will! 

Top 5 Science Fiction Movies )
Top 5 Fantasy Movies )
Top 5 Snupin Kinks/Cliches )

Also, I thought of a woman to add to my favorite characters list: Philippa Somerville from the Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett.  In fact, most of the women in the Lymond Chronicles are rockin' awesome, with Sybilla right up there after Philippa. I still haven't finished the Niccolo books, I have got to get on that.

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Aug. 22nd, 2010

Top 5 Characters, any fandom

Continuing the Top 5 Meme:
Well, if this were a list of characters in any ONE fandom, I would be listing from Babylon 5, because that show has a lot of favorites.  Just so you know.  ;)  Also, this is one of those lists that may change at any moment, for random reasons. I remember great characters all the time, and my obsessions change with fandoms. In fact, I could rewrite it right now... but I won't.  It's stuck for now.
I think it would take a lot to knock G'kar off the top slot, though, I'm just sayin'. I'm going to include 5 runners-up, just because I can.

it's too hard to choose! )

I'm kind of disappointed in myself that so few of these are women. And hey, lots of them are from Babylon 5 anyway. It's just that good.

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May. 4th, 2010

weekend, fun stuff, Carl Kasell

So yesterday I went to a luncheon for corporate and non-profit supporters of a local public radio station (the office lotto for tickets fell to me this time), and the result was that I got to hear a great speech, see a funny magic show, and meet Carl Kasell.  He is a lovely man. No, I didn't ask him to record a message for me on my phone.  Hahaha.

me and Amy with Carl Kasell

I did some fun art stuff this weekend, and started organizing my books (including the new acquisitions from the Library Sale). To that end I ended up at IKEA twice getting shelves and bookcases. Construction is ongoing. I also caught up on Doctor Who, and now desperately await the catching-up of my known Doctor fans. I really want to discuss, dissect, rant, and speculate about the Weeping Angels two-parter! 

I have been expanding my Reading List on DW and enjoying a catch-up at times on IJ for various fests.

I finished Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder, which was excellent, but made me realize that I don't think I've actually read Fire Study yet.  I thought I had, but I may be wrong.  Oops! More to read, oh, woe!
I also reread Prince Caspian (Vol. 2, dangit! 2!) because I watched the movie and it was so weird. Nice, and fun, and full of great music, but it seemed unbalanced to me and rereading the book showed why. Oh, well. Rumor has it that Dawn Treader will be truer to the source material with fewer romantic shenanigans.
Now I'm well into The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms by N. K. Jemisin, which I am enjoying very much. It's unfolding into something epic, but I'm still just in the very beginnings of it, so nobody spoil me, please. I'm already avoiding squee about it.

And just to keep everybody enthusiastic, today is Star Wars Day, tomorrow is Cinco de Mayo, and Saturday is the Art Car Parade! Celebrate something!

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