Jan. 20th, 2010

seeking ideas for 1920s alt-reality fantasy

Ok, I am pretty sure that the placement of the story I'm working on is sometime around 1922. Currently all but one of the protagonists are aboard an airship over Vienna, but they are a varied crew of folks with vastly differing experiences of the last decade or so.

for those who don't care about my writing trials )
So I'm looking for some good books/sites about the Great War and the early 20s in Europe, some ideas about how magic might have influenced the conflict, but not TOO much, and how magic and magical technology might change the social and political face of 20s Europe and the British Empire.

I don't know. Somebody punch holes in all my ideas so I can figure out what's going on.

Jun. 4th, 2008

file under' IJ knows all'

Ok, is there a name (preferably a British term) for the junior partner in a firm who gets all the grunt work or the worst clients or the crap travel assignments? (this is a Wizarding Law Firm, or whatever the term would be - not sure if they are solicitors or what, I should look into that)

This is sort of mild corporate hazing, I guess, the testing stage for a new person (and in this case it's Pansy Parkinson coming to work for Hermione and Susan Bones so there's History there) - but is there a name for that person or that role?

I am drawing a blank.

Also, if anybody wants to wax eloquent on their idea of what a Wizarding Law Firm would look like, or what British firms are like (or the difference between a barrister and a solicitor, although my historical fiction reading seems to indicate that only one of those would be able to appear in formal court?), please feel oh so very free to do so.


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