Jun. 1st, 2008

art therapy

Well, I am surprised at how terribly disappointed I feel over not being in the LMoM winners, even though I knew from Day 6 when I had that unfortunate power failure that the rules would not allow it. Just goes to show how little things get to me.

So I need to do something new and maybe a bit more developed art-wise. I am working on a new tarot card, but those take days to do and I am not feeling it at the moment. I feel very proud of the LMoM work I did, but I'd like to get better at expressing emotion instead of simply anatomical accuracy. I feel like a lot of what I have been doing of late is rather sterile, even stale. I'm not sure how to fix that, really, except to draw more and more and more and hope that something spills over eventually. I really admire the work of some of the other artists in the challenge, who managed to bring an intensity and *movement* even to their sketches that I would really like to emulate, although our styles do differ.

Thus I need to dive back into doing some more elaborate stuff. I have three exchanges in the queue but the first deadline isn't for a month, so I've time to noodle around a bit and vent some of the angst.
Just for kicks, here's a poll.
What should I draw next? Feel free to leave something more challenging in a comment. Poll #1860 Art Therapy
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What to draw next?

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3 (20.0%)

7 (46.7%)

6 (40.0%)

2 (13.3%)

single character portrait (specify in a comment)
1 (6.7%)

Other (explain in comments)
2 (13.3%)

May. 29th, 2008

Pick a Fairy Tale...

Poll #1833 Fairy Tales
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Pick a fairy tale...

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2 (9.1%)

Twelve Dancing Princesses
4 (18.2%)

Little Mermaid
5 (22.7%)

The Red Shoes
0 (0.0%)

Snow White and Rose Red
4 (18.2%)

The Brave Little Tailor
1 (4.5%)

1 (4.5%)

1 (4.5%)

East of the Sun and West of the Moon
1 (4.5%)

Hansel and Gretel
3 (13.6%)

(It's possible only Lisa knows what this is about, but really it's not hard to guess. Just pick something. If you don't recognize one of the tales and care to find out about it, try Sur La Lune, my one-stop shop for fairy tale info.)

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