Jul. 11th, 2011

cleaning up and catching up

Ok, I have finally moved a bunch of the boxes that have been cluttering up my apartment for months. Plus I have stacked all the ApolloCon stuff to one side, so while it's still there, it's no longer actively blocking my creative outlets. (By which I mean the sewing table is once again clear.)

So, ApolloCon happened. It was fun. My costume went over well on Saturday. I got to meet Darth Vader at the Artist Reception.
It's Darth Vader!
Yay! A thousand dreams from my childhood given form! You know it's a party when the Sith crash it.

Among the boxes that I moved/emptied were the ones holding my grandmother's doll collection. All of the dolls have now been photographed and placed on display in my apartment. She had a really amazing group from Poland, dressed in regional folk costume. The workmanship and tiny details are lovely.
Cracow Polish Folk Costume Doll Detail embroidery  - Lowicz region

Now to get the rest of my stuff organized and/or thrown out.

I'm also well into the art for my paperlegends entry, which is good. I was worried for a bit, but now things are coming together, I think.

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Jan. 15th, 2011

Blast from the Past: Helena Polka

I'm beginning the process of uploading some older photos to Flickr (which also means scanning them.) Here's one from 1995, my senior year of high school.
Helena Polka
We're performing at the Slavic Heritage Festival at St. Thomas University - you can tell because of the hazardous tarp on the floor.
I LOVE this dance. It was my favorite of the fast circle dances, and the one that always got the best audience reaction. Plus it was hilarious to perform with Santa (my partner in this photo with a pillow stuck inside his Santa costume) at the annual Christmas show.

There are a few other new old photos up on Flickr, too.

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