Aug. 15th, 2010

back to work, to art, to home

I got my photos from Ithaca up on Flickr:
At the Farmer's Market

Here's the link to the whole set.

Admittedly, bunches and bunches are of landscape, and lots are of carousel horses.  If I had a better camera or more skill with the one I own, I'd have more confidence in them.  As it is, they are fun little photos.  And then there are plenty of Milo.  w00t!

The last couple of days after I got back to Houston have been full of work and unpacking and sorting and cleaning.  And grocery shopping, wow.  Lots of grocery shopping.

I finally loaded up all of my recycling to take to the drop-off center, and lo, somebody was trying to move in to the apartment complex and was having trouble getting their trailer into the lot.  The truck blocked the gate for a bit, so I came back up here to give them enough time to figure it all out. Then I did the drop, and now I am ready to start clearing some of the paper debris that must be shredded.

Yesterday I spent most of my time on a combination of computer stuff. I plugged the machine into the TV, which is awesome, but I can't figure out how to adjust the screen position. They desktop is just about half an inch to the right, so there's a strip of black on the left side and the images cut off on the right. Even with that, it's still a great screen to watch TV (I've been mainlining Sanctuary now, and it is cracktastic) and work on art at the same time.  It's also nice for watching Netflix on the main screen while I cook or work on ApolloCon stuff with the laptop.

In art news, I'm testing out the flex nib on my Intuos4 pen and it's pretty interesting. I'm not sure that I really have enough mastery of the tablet's abilities to grasp all the nuances, but it does feel a bit different from the regular pen nib.  I may try the stroke and felt nibs later, too.  I've been to pre-occupied with fandom for the last few weeks to do another CHOW on, but I click through the forum regularly anyhow.

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Aug. 7th, 2010

it's cuteness all the time up here

It's awesome being the visiting fairy godmother - everything the kid does is cute, even when he's screaming. ;)  Seriously, though, I am having a wonderful visit with Michelle and Andy and Milo up in beautiful Ithaca.  We've visited some cool places, and today there will be a Farmer's Market lunch and maybe a park!  w00t!
This is the only photo I have so far on the web: Milo at the ScienceCenter.

I just laughed and Milo said, "She's laughing checking her e-mail." LOL.  Awesome. Onward.

P.S. It's supposed to be a high of 76 F today.  ♥

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