Feb. 2nd, 2009

Happy Imbolc plus stuff

A Joyous Imbolc to all - may good things grow from here.

I fail at weekend productivity, mostly.  Although with the assistance of Fabric-Stash Enabler Mom, I did acquire some smokin' awesome additions to my stash (and the things I actually needed for my current project) during a trek through Houston's southeastern neighborhood fabric stores.  We should learn that in most cases, we will find fun novelty fabrics at the chains, but for quality color/value cottons, going directly to The Painted Pony would save some time and money.  ;)
The only thing we didn't find was the Hoffman Challenge fabric. It's on some of the online retailers, but not yet in stores around here. We'll wait a bit and check back.

We also went to the uber-awesome catfish joint and scored a party platter overflowing with hushpuppies. WIN.

I did not actually get the fabric washed, although that's probably good as now it has bonus cat hair to wash off, too. Apparently my quilting table is Zephyr's new favorite nap spot.

Suffered through the Sunday blahs and Sunday night insomnia, which really made for a grand morning today.  Ugh.  Did manage to get my iTunes playlists transferred to Sofia at last, and got rid of most of the repetitive entries in the Library. Also acquired hotel accomodations for both ApolloCon and WorldCon. w00t!

Did some art, including laying in colors for the commission portrait for llnm. Finally. It'll take several more color layers to get it done, and I'm not sure that I'm happy with the chosen palette, but the nice thing about digital is that I have a great amount of control over individual colors. Did not do any writing.  Did a lot of reading, both of the fanfic and regular variety. I finished Skulduggery Pleasant (hey! It has a sequel!) and have gotten firmly addicted to The Stepsister Scheme.

Lalala. I think that was it. I got the feeling there was some kind of nation-wide sports event going on, but it never really got onto my radar. I will probably catch up on the cool movie trailers over the course of the next few days.

Oct. 18th, 2008

ART: Wedding Portrait (Snape/Lupin, G)

Title: Wedding Portrait
Artist: [info]zephre
Characters: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin
Rating: G
Recipient: [info]sweetmelodykiss, who won the commission at the livelongnmarry auction.
Warnings: None
Artist's Notes: Thanks as usual to the snupin chat folks who gave me some great ideas and advice as I struggled with the initial concept.

image under cut )

Oct. 5th, 2008

art report

I just mailed in my [info]snarry_games art.
Next, finishing [info]snarry_holidays.

Then hp_art_project.
Then... a lot.  Eep.
snupin santa
snapely holidays
smutty claus
plus two livelongandmarry portraits in progress. (they really are in progress, I promise!)

poor Lucius as The Emperor card is kind of languishing now in the WIP folder. Aw.
Thanksgiving shall be yours, Lucius, I promise.

I may need to do more stress-relief quickies in between, we shall see.  Hp_art_project in particular has been giving me compositional hives.  Arrgh!

Jul. 9th, 2008

Less than a week to go on livelongnmarry

I realize that given the nature of auctions, there will probably be a flurry of action toward the very end, but bidding does end in less than a week. So here is a re-post of my stuff before I depart for Portus and a much more limited net presence.

For LJ's livelongnmarry fandom auction for marriage equality:

Offer: Digital Portrait (with single print)
Offer: Digital Portrait (with single print) II

Jul. 1st, 2008

livelongnmarry auctions

More because it's an interesting exercise in commission work than because I am expecting big money for a charity, I have posted for LJ's livelongnmarry fandom auction for marriage equality.

I posted two listings, each for the same service, digital portraits of characters or people.

Offer: Digital Portrait (with single print)
Offer: Digital Portrait (with single print) II

I am debating putting up one for a portrait in traditional media, probably graphite/colored pencil/ink/watercolor or some combination thereof. 
What do you think?

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