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Apr. 22nd, 2013

ART: Another Snapshot (Draco/Luna)

Title: Another Snapshot
Rating: G
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Draco Malfoy/Luna Lovegood
Notes: illustration for Far Away as Moonshine and its various related works.
Medium: Photoshop

Thumbnail close-up of Draco and Luna

Read more... )

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Apr. 18th, 2012

Getting to Hogwarts...

my Pottermore username is SkullNox16580. How awesome is that? Totally awesome.

Wand: Vine with Unicorn core, fourteen and a half inches, solid.

and the answer I know you were all waiting for:



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Jan. 20th, 2012

ART: Wolfsbane Potion (Snape, Lupin, G)

Reveal from [ profile] snape_lupin's Snupin Santa holiday fest.

Title: Wolfsbane Potion
Artist: [personal profile] zephre
Rating: G
Fandom: Harry Potter
Characters: Snape, Lupin
Content Notes: genderbending
Description: The latest advertisement for Snape's Wolfsbane Potion, featuring the Professor and her favorite werewolf. Drawn for [ profile] busaikko for Snupin Santa, for her request of an Art Nouveau piece in the style of Alphonse Mucha.

full image under cut )

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Nov. 6th, 2011

looking for a beta

So... I need some outside eyes on my art for this Harry Potter exchange.
I don't want to say too much about it because it's an anon fest, of course, but it's rated G and only peripherally connected to canon. Basically I'd like somebody to take a look and tell me if it makes sense. And, you know, let me know if you see an extra arm or something.


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Sep. 3rd, 2011

ART: Sweet Rivalry (Elena/Gwaine, PG-13)

Title: Sweet Rivalry
Artist: [personal profile] zephre
Rating: PG-13
Fandom Fusion: Merlin / Harry Potter
Characters: Elena/Gwaine
Notes: for [ profile] hermette, whose Tweets of Gwaine and Elena at Hogwarts sparked this whole idea.

She caught him just outside the locker rooms after the game... )

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Jul. 16th, 2011


Brief updates:

- Work deadline got away from me, with the result that the last few days at the office were frantic with updates, and we barely got our stuff done. I have a long list of rushed items for next week as well. Fun times.

- Difficulties with having a dynastic name: people looking for my brother on Facebook often friend my dad instead. Is it wrong that I find that hilarious?

- So so so addicted to more fanfic. Holy cow. X-men fanfic is eating my life. In the best way. Also, my obsession with mpreg has successfully translated from Harry Potter fandom. What is wrong with me. ;)

- Went to a preview showing of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 and it was AWESOME. I need to go back again. I have a few nits to pick about it, and one big issue of an internal logic hole, but on the whole it was amazing and such a beautiful experience. The audience was not totally fans, so when I squealed and clapped I had a few companions but not as many as I had when watching the movies at Cons. Also, I ♥ Neville.

- My nonprofit corporation obligations are increasing, bringing with them a slew of committee meetings. This will hopefully lead to some great things for the organization, but it is definitely something that I will have to adjust to in my schedule.

- Except for the illustrations for my paperlegends big bang, I am frustrated by art. I am incredibly inspired lately, but stymied by my own ability, not only with art in general but with the software and digital techniques in particular. Big Bangs have a separate category for me, since they are so often done with extreme time limits - working at marathon fast-paint settings loosens some of my internal critic's stress, and allows me to produce without too much angst. I think I need to try some other prompts or subject matter, after this big bang is done. I may take a break from fan art, even though that means that I'll probably get even less community feedback. (boo.) Just to try to push some skill envelopes.

- Writing? What writing? At least the writers' meetup has been going well.

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Jul. 13th, 2011


Made a bit more progress with the Big Bang art. Have lots of meetings to look forward to this month. Most of them related to the nonprofit corp, but some others.
Meet-ups were great. The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Group has EXPLODED with new members. It's kind of awesome.
Tomorrow is Harry Potter - I'm definitely looking forward to it. I may even wear my hat, if I remember to bring it with me to work. I have to leave extremely promptly so I have time to eat before the 6:30 show. I love preview showings. ;)

Reading SO MUCH X-men fanfic, with a few Merlin binges thrown in, and some nostalgic Harry Potter revisits. It's been fun.
Recs, anyone? Especially X-men rarepairs, by which I mean Alex/Armando. Ahem.

Must it be true that if one is having a steampunk submarine adventure, there must at some point be a giant tentacled sea monster? Just checking.

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Apr. 16th, 2011

AO3 fic hit count meme

Interesting... and I hadn't realized how much I had posted there. Hmm. 6 out of 17 are short Merlin fics; the rest are Harry Potter, including the my Magnum Opus in that fandom (#2 on this list).

Top ten AO3 fics by hit count:

1.Isle of Apples(BBC Merlin: Gen; Rated G) Hits: 316
Morgana reflects, long years after the end of Arthur's reign.

2. Far Away as Moonshine (Harry Potter: Draco/Luna, others; Rated R) Hits: 248
For Draco Malfoy, the war was one endless nightmare. Until Luna Lovegood gave him a reason to hope. Can he find his courage, make his luck, and become more than a pawn to those in power?

3. Elemental, word art collaboration with [personal profile] sophinisba (BBC Merlin: Gen, Rated G) Hits: 196
They bear their burdens, they struggle, they rely on each other. IMAGE HEAVY.

4. Kidnapping the King (BBC Merlin: Gen Arthur, Elena, Rated G) Hits: 141
It's up to King Arthur's friends to make sure he doesn't work too hard.

5. This is the Way the World Ends (Harry Potter: Snape/Luna, Explicit) Hits: 94
The Apocalypse, with Luna

6. Liber Artorius (BBC Merlin: Gen Arthur, Rated G) Hits: 90
From the journal of Arthur Pendragon, Prince of Camelot

7. Home for Christmas (Harry Potter: Ron/Hermione/Harry, Rated G) Hits: 77
An Advent drabble

8. A Charming Wreath (Harry Potter: Draco/Luna, Rated PG) Hits: 76
Professor Malfoy discovers a prank left on his office door.

9. The Naming of Names (Harry Potter: Draco/Luna, Rated G) Hits: 73
A quiet moment at Hogwarts for Professor Malfoy and his wife.

10. In Two Words (Harry Potter: Draco/Luna, OC, Rated PG-13) Hits: 72
Draco learns to live with Valentine's Day. This entry was originally posted at comment count unavailable comments posted to original post.

Mar. 12th, 2011

let me sum up

I wrote this at Con-Jour in Clear Lake, but as they did not have wifi available for the public at the University facility (???), I had to wait until I got home to actually post it. Here it is:

Well, the last few days have been super busy. So busy that I have a precarious stack of dishes overtaking my kitchen. It's all been great fun, though.
Let me 'splain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

I've been writing )

and drawing )

and pondering costumes )

and engaging in a brief, fruitless studio search )

and attending a lecture by Dr. Jane Goodall )

and attending Con-Jour 2011 as an ApolloCon rep. )

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Feb. 1st, 2011

been busy...

We can see how well my "card a day" posts helped me remember to post regularly. Hahaha.
So, been busy - working on a lot of illustrations, mostly for Avatar: the Last Airbender but there's some Merlin caught in there, and planning stages for the Harry Potter Snupin BLU art focus big bang, plus [ profile] paperlegends is signing up now for Merlin stories and art and cheerleading.

I've been writing - I started my steampunk submersible craziness for my group, and for the [ profile] camelot_fleet Finish-a-Thon. Yay! Very excited about that, although if anybody is interested cheerleading and hitting me over the head when I skip important descriptions, that would be awesome.

We're having a ridiculously cold wintry snap for Imbolg this year. Fun times. It's a good time to re-dedicate myself to some projects, though, and perhaps kick-start some of my 2011 spiritual goals.

Appropriately enough given the Imbolg planning and spiritual kick-starting, I drew Taliesin, the Hierophant, from the Llewellyn Deck today.
Taliesin, the Hierophant, Llewellyn Tarot )
This card is about custom, religion, society. It's often a card about conforming to expected norms, so in a way it's a reminder to actually be in my religion, instead of just sitting around the outside of it.
Reading Britain AD: A Quest for Arthur, England and the Anglo-Saxons (which, incidentally, is making a case to debunk the "Anglo-Saxon Invasion" of Britain and thereby most of the legends in their traditional form - awesome book) has reminded me of the sense of connection that many non-Christian religions have. Christianity (especially early and medieval Christianity) seems to begin this idea of religion as something separate from lifeway, something that can be compartmentalized into a part of the mind, unrelated to the physical universe of body and labor. Many pagan traditions, and the neo-pagan one I'm practicing (badly), have an intense unity between the spiritual and the physical. Physicality is part and parcel of practice, and in fact it isn't really practice but rather lifeway; worldview; lifestyle, perhaps. It's intimately involved in everything - every decision, every movement, every breath. This echoes the kind of ritualized existence early archaeologists posit for those early historic cultures. Seriously, this book has me examining all sorts of thoughts I'm sure I've had before, but now with added personal relevance and a sense of quiet revelation.
Pretty intense. When I go into my occasional existential crises over my purpose in the universe, it's a good time to remind myself through divine physicality that I am part of this great spirit, and that I am worth believing in. (If I don't think so, who will?)
Yes, I think this card definitely wants me to do a working later.

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Jan. 12th, 2011

ART: The Comfort of the Living (Luna/George, R)

Title: The Comfort of the Living
Characters/Pairings: George/Luna
Rating: R (NSFW)
Prompts/Themes Included: hurt/comfort, angst, afternoon visits (it ran into the evening a bit, though)
Other Warnings/Content: public sex (in a graveyard for extra potential kink)
Artist's Notes: Drawn for [info]doveypoo for Kinky Kristmast 2010. I couldn't find a reliable source specifying which ear George lost, so I went with the movie version.

NSFW image under cut )

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Jan. 11th, 2011

ART: Wedding Portrait (Snape/Lupin, G)

Title: Wedding Portrait
Artist: [personal profile] zephre
Rating: G
Characters: Severus Snape/Remus Lupin
Notes: Drawn for [ profile] whitestar_alpha for Snupin Santa 2010 for the prompt, "Remus/Severus dressed up in their finest robes as they say their vows in their Bonding/Marriage Ceremony."

full image under cut )

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Nov. 25th, 2010

dying of cute

OMG, my parents and I are stuffed full of food and watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone and HOLY COW EVERYBODY IS SO YOUNG! They're babies! All of them are so tiny and adorable and lovely! We can't even stand it.

Earlier when I arrived my parents were watching the Dog Show and that was full of adorableness, too! We had a grand time ogling all the super-groomed puppies.

Watching this movie back to back with Half-Blood Prince is disconcerting in the extreme, but also kind of interesting. Bits of interaction among the kids just keep echoing through all the films, even through the changing directors.

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Nov. 23rd, 2010

it's a meme!

I will write a drabble for the first few commenters to request one. In return, they have to post this in their journal (if they want). You may request the character and/or the pair for the following fandoms: BBC's Merlin, Harry Potter, Avatar: The Last Airbender
I'll write any pairing, but I reserve the right to choose the rating. :)

Not setting a firm number, but if I get overwhelmed with prompts (hahaha) I'll edit to close the meme.

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Nov. 21st, 2010

it's a magical weekend

So on Saturday it was a grand episode of Merlin!
3x11 The Sorcerer's Shadow )

Then I went out today with my parents to catch the matinee of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 1, which we all enjoyed.

Needs Moar Luna )

And Peter met us for a late lunch after the movie, which was lovely. I am happy when the four of us can sit around and just be together. And often silly. :)

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Aug. 27th, 2010

Top 5s: Places, Movies, Snupin Stuff

Ok, this is me caught up on my Latin homework (for the moment) and continuing the Top 5 Meme.  I'm going to try to knock out several in one block this time.  I am saving the crafty / art ones until I have the time to actually sit with my various sites and portfolios and things.  Plus I took photos of the first sophisticated doll I ever made, when I was 14, for Emily's Top 5, so I'll have to post those before I can do that one.
Also, I have a shoebox full of photos from my high school trips abroad and my college years - those are going to be scanned soon and posted to Flickr.  So watch out, college buddies. (I admit there are a few folks I wish I could airbrush out, but I will maintain the integrity of the photos.) 

from [personal profile] glockgal

Top 5 places you've visited (and loved) )

Top 5 things you do to stop being bored
1. Read fanfiction.
2. Draw something.
3. Start a crafty project
4. Grab a beloved book off the shelf to re-read.
5. Start organizing my apartment. 

from [profile] dizilla
top 5 favorite sci-fi movies (or if not enough, fantasy too) -- Oh, Diz, I could do five of each!  And in fact, I think I will! 

Top 5 Science Fiction Movies )
Top 5 Fantasy Movies )
Top 5 Snupin Kinks/Cliches )

Also, I thought of a woman to add to my favorite characters list: Philippa Somerville from the Lymond Chronicles by Dorothy Dunnett.  In fact, most of the women in the Lymond Chronicles are rockin' awesome, with Sybilla right up there after Philippa. I still haven't finished the Niccolo books, I have got to get on that.

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Aug. 23rd, 2010

Snupin Santa for the holidays

Snupin Santa 2010 is open! 
This is a consistently fun and well-run fest for the Snape and Lupin lovers out there!  They accept fiction, art, and multimedia, and are very very welcoming to newbies. These are the folks responsible for pulling me into HP fandom in the first place, and I haven't missed a year of Snupin Santa since I started.  It's just that good, I keep going back for more!
If you like Snape and Lupin, and enjoy a great fest, stop by and sign up!

Snupin Santa Sign-ups on LJ || Snupin Santa Sign-ups on IJ

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Aug. 22nd, 2010

Top 5 Characters, any fandom

Continuing the Top 5 Meme:
Well, if this were a list of characters in any ONE fandom, I would be listing from Babylon 5, because that show has a lot of favorites.  Just so you know.  ;)  Also, this is one of those lists that may change at any moment, for random reasons. I remember great characters all the time, and my obsessions change with fandoms. In fact, I could rewrite it right now... but I won't.  It's stuck for now.
I think it would take a lot to knock G'kar off the top slot, though, I'm just sayin'. I'm going to include 5 runners-up, just because I can.

it's too hard to choose! )

I'm kind of disappointed in myself that so few of these are women. And hey, lots of them are from Babylon 5 anyway. It's just that good.

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Jul. 29th, 2010

in which I blather at length

I am being encouraged to blog, in general and in specific relating to fandom, activism, and crafting. So here I am trying to get back into the groove.  There are some things that I should accept and get over as long as I am blogging, things that I think have been contributing to my "write and delete before posting" habits of late:

1) People will disagree with me.
2) I will sometimes be wrong, and people may point that out. (Horrors!)

Obviously I need to grow a thicker skin, and also not invest so much emotion in comments. So, that done, what have I been doing lately? Hmm...

I have been following with great joy the Merlin-related excitement on my flist. SDCC was a fun sidelight, as were the cons across the pond. I have been eating up all the spoilers for Season 3 I can get, even though I am not really seeing much in the way of real story spoilers.  I am working with two writers to create art for a Merlin bigbang this summer.

I really enjoyed the first installment of the new BBC Sherlock. It had some problems, not least of which was the treatment of women, but I plan to tune in for the whole run, and was excited about seeing more of the series.

Have enjoyed the discussion and fic that has come out of the season finale of Doctor Who as well. I really loved the way the season ended, on the whole, and felt like a new life had been breathed into the Doctor. I still ♥ Rory a lot, too.

Absolutely full of squee for Avatar: The Legend of Korra and its associated rumors and story spoilers. A female Avatar? WIN. The possibility of seeing characters from Avatar The Last Airbender in awesome elder roles? WIN. I hope that they continue the great storytelling they managed with ATLA.

Related to all of those, but specifically something I was discussing in comments with [personal profile] glockgal, is the ire that accompanies the squee, when creators of whatever media we're consuming explain in painful detail how we are supposed to interpret said media. They reveal to us their Truth of the Creation, and we are then constrained (supposedly) by their statement. Moffat pulled this with Sherlock, and JKR did it with Harry Potter.  I think that the line between communicating with the consumers of your stuff and dictating their acceptable reactions is pretty clear, and should be respected. Criticism and interpretation are by their nature variable. No one person views the world, and thus any piece of media, in the same way. It just cheeses me off to see writers (or other creators) slamming doors on interpretations (even interpretations supported by the text, good grief) simply to cling to an outdated or economically motivated industry status quo.

Well, that was refreshing.

My writing has been going well, too, although not as productive as my art. Yet. I may have found a new set of events to mine for material, though.  The story and my frustrations with it may actually end up being a separate post (or set of posts) under a "Writing" filter.

Reading has been going just ok.  I did finish Bewitching Season and Betraying Season by Marissa Doyle, and they were excellent. I think I liked the first one best, but the second one had some choice moments as well. Currently I'm engrossed in Nemesis by Lindsey Davis, the latest in the Marcus Didius Falco series. I love love love this series, so I was quite excited to borrow this one from my mom.

Does anybody out there do fabric stamping? I am thinking of running a series of tests of stamps made of various materials, and wondered what other folks used. I'd be using them with Stewart Gill fabric paints.

Hopefully there will be more to come from me! 

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May. 27th, 2010

catching up - the bullet points version

So, I keep meaning to post something and then getting sidetracked.  I've even drafted things and then closed the window.  Fun times. It's been busy here, though.

- Of course, ApolloCon is coming up very soon and that takes up a lot of bandwidth.
- I blew through the Twilight saga at last, on Donna's recommendation, and actually I really enjoyed it. I didn't find nearly as many objectionable political themes as some reviewers, and while I found Bella rather unappealing as a protagonist I certainly enjoyed the world and many other characters in it.  I also watched the first two movies, and they were pretty blah. The second was better than the first by miles, which is true of the books as well, but I don't hold out too much hope for the translation of the books to screen.  Look what movies did to Harry Potter.  Anyway, the point is that they were fun books and I enjoyed the heck out of them, and while I won't be jumping to find some Bella/Edward fic on the internet any time soon, I would totally be down for some explorations of Caius's experiences with the Children of the Moon.  Anybody? 
- Still enjoying the heck out of the new Doctor Who, and very much in love with the characters, most especially Rory.
- I am now reading Unseen Academicals, Terry Pratchett's latest Discworld book, and it's quite fun. On deck are a whole slew of YA fantasies from the library, and then I really must get back to the Dresden Files so I can catch up and stop avoiding spoilers.
- Enjoyed a great benefit concert at House of Blues Houston with the family. It was really nice to be out just the four of us, and it was an interesting evening full of fabulous music.
- Went to my first Geeks Who Drink pub quiz in Houston with a co-worker, her husband, and their friends.  I hope it will become a regular thing. It was a fun quiz, with the usual moments of woe and of genius, plus bonus outdoor patio bar with friendly dogs. I wore my Heroines of Science: Marie Curie t-shirt to commemorate the occasion.
- I was accepted as a College Associate for one of the residential colleges here, which basically means that I get to have lunch in their servery sometimes and hang out with the students, support the college in its projects on campus, and maybe be more involved in other things as well.  I understand the definition of the role is still somewhat fluid, so come the fall semester I'll find out more. It'll be nice to have a connection on campus proper, since my office/cave is off on the far side and I don't get to mingle much with the undergrads or faculty.
- I've been mainlining Legend of the Seeker Season 1 on Netflix for the last few weeks.  It's a bit awesome and a bit awful, not sure yet where the balance will end up. I may be slightly skewed in my viewing after watching part of Season 1 of Xena, though.
- Been getting a lot of "Thanks for your opinion, but I'm on the opposite side of the issue" replies from my congressional representation again, which is typical but for some reason coming in floods now.
- I had a brilliant idea for a story while on my morning commute the other day, listening to Democracy Now! on KPFT. I'm not certain it will work, but it's exciting to feel inspired.  Also, I have some direction on my current WIP that my crit group will love to see, if I can get it all typed out in time to turn in on Monday.
- I'd really like to take an art class this summer, so I'm counting pennies and figuring out schedules to see if I can work something out. Hopefully I'll still feel like working after showing my illustrations at ApolloCon (eep!). At least I finally got my drafting table and lamp set up. Yay workspace! Now I just need to break out the watercolors again.

And now it is time to sleep.

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