Sep. 6th, 2011

what kind of goggles?

Oh, fandom, fandom, you have been such a terrible influence on me. In the very best way, of course.

I've gotten to the point where I read a perfectly lovely and innocuous bit of an Aubrey-Maturin book and I just CHORTLE and GIGGLE and SWOON because it's so adorable. I can't even deal with it. Jack has a conversation with HIS WIFE and all I can see is the love for Stephen. Oh, fandom, I am ruined. Ruined. I just want to draw little pink hearts all over the book. And the story is so ridiculous, too - everybody is totally fucked up and life happens even to the best of them. My greatest affection lies with Tom Pullings at the moment, for growing up into a man who can run a ship AND hold a toddler without breaking a sweat. Learn from Tom, Jack! LOL. [Don't tell me if there is a fanfic collection somewhere. I don't think I could cope with it mentally quite yet. Finding fanfic for A Room with a View was bad enough.]

In other news, I ate so well today. Went to the farmer's market and got fresh greens and tomatoes for salad, and some beautiful green beans for steaming. I washed the rice before I cooked it and it really made a great difference, and I grilled pork strips with an herbal spice blend and Hungarian sweet paprika. SO GOOD. It was a beautiful thing, and I have enough that I can eat it again for lunch or another evening.

Now it's time for me to give some serious time to my Latin homework, and then if I still have time I shall draw. Yay fandom drawing! I am signed up already for Snupin Santa this year, and I am considering both Merlin Holidays and Merlin Games. Any other fests I should be thinking of? I have lost track of so many recently.

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Apr. 3rd, 2011

Dorks in Manhattan: Thurs-Sat

Team Line Party at the Game of Thrones Food Truck (except Lisa who took the photo):

Read more... )

When not going out to stalk the food truck (first come, first served, 300 portions per evening of two entrees), I have been wandering around the city having fun.

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Friday I'm in love )

Saturday full of fun )

And now we are at Sunday, and I hope to have dinner later with Seminary classmates. E and I are preparing to leave for the Brooklyn Flea. Yay!

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Apr. 1st, 2011

cold in NYC

I was going to make a big post with photos and stuff about my time on vacation so far, but I got distracted running errands in Manhattan and then catching up on LJ and email.
I had a very busy day yesterday - so much so that it feels like two days squished together. Lots of travel across three major cities, a medical emergency mid-flight (not me, and all ended well), then lots of standing around in line in the cold (which I'll be doing again shortly) for the Game of Thrones food truck (BEST. PROMO. IDEA. EVER.), then Pub Quiz in Red Hook.

I will try to make a bigger post soon, and will continue to update Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and maybe Tumblr on the fly. (Yay magical purple smartphone.)

For now, it's time to put on extra socks and a third layer before heading down to the river for the final day of the Game of Thrones cuisine - including HEAD CHEESE, yeah!

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Mar. 20th, 2011


So, briefly:

- Went to the MFAH to see the Impressionists and Post-Impressionists on loan from Washington, DC. It was pretty neat, but to be honest I was museum-ed out by the end of the exhibit and it wasn't even that big. The parental units were equally done so we went for dinner. Once again, I was denied carrot cake - Boo. I'm starting to think that it's something Barnaby's puts on the menu to taunt unwary diners.

- I'm working on some non-Merlin, non-HP art. I know, weird. I've got an expanded piece based on a Character of the Week assignment: fantasy races employed in the modern world. I am drawing D&D style gnomes as mechanics. Punk mechanics. With a Vespa. I've also now got a Star Wars Prequel Fix-it piece coming along of Padme and baby Leia.

- I am exploring the idea of using my Tumblr as a vehicle for my art. We'll see how that works out.

Other stuff is happening, but it's all in meatspace so far, and it's pretty good. Maybe I'll get into it in another post.

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Mar. 5th, 2011

reviews, phones, card of the day

So in the course of Googling myself (as one does, regularly), I found a 2/5 star review of a flash fiction story of mine that was published in 2005 or 2006 (I don't remember), and the entire text of the review is four words long. Very, very strange.

Today Nefertem the Magical Purple Smartphone almost gave me heart failure when he abruptly stopped working. I went to a Sprint Store but they wouldn't help me because while he is a Sprint branded phone, I don't actually have a Sprint account. Doh! I was able to call on one of their phones to get tech support from Credo, and now Nefertem is back in working order. Thank goodness. I was worried for a moment there!

Today the card I pulled was the Eight of Earth in the Gaian Tarot.
Eight of Earth, Gaian Tarot )
This card is about lessons, so I've had a few lately. Today, my lesson about how to manually reboot my phone. Also a lesson about how things on the 'net have a way of being resurrected even after several years of downtime. Fiction never dies! Bad fiction really never dies!
That flash fiction piece was my second piece of paid prose. Fun.
Today I also got a lesson from the universe in being a nice customer despite frustration. Frustration and anger live in very particular parts of my body, too, and it's always a sign to me that I need to slow down and breathe and get things under control when the emotions come out physically.
This card also makes me want to go to a fire circle. I love the drumming.
Delicious lessons for today: how to reheat rice in the rice cooker. (It turned out well!) And adding mushrooms to my sauteed kale really worked! Nom nom nom.
Other lesson: Bar Code Viewer on phone works, but no easy way to link it up to LibraryThing. Oh, well. Manual entry it is.
And lessons in general: The Wild Hunt has a couple of nice link round-ups for the recent gender discrimination/inclusiveness controversy that has rocked the public pagan sphere lately. Looks like some really exceptional conversations are starting.

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Mar. 2nd, 2011

Life, the universe, and the rest of it

So mostly over the last little while I've been posting photos of food.
I should take more photos of the food I cook at home - I made a really excellent dinner tonight that hasn't made me sick, so hooray!
Today I went to a Brown Bag Lunch Presentation at the university, by the Executive Chefs from a couple of the residential colleges here. These students eat so well! They prepared some great stuff in the kitchen theater and then we all got to eat it for lunch. (On the menu: Seafood medley, Beef Wellington (with portabella mushrooms instead of foie gras), and mascarpone crepes with berry flambe drizzled with strawberry jam, a balsamic reduction, and fresh basil.
I did not eat like this in college... (photos) )

Ok, that was more than I thought I'd type about food and eating.

On a different subject: reading.
I read The Eagle of the Ninth and really enjoyed the heck out of it. I borrowed a nonfiction title from the office Liberal Studies Library, Slaves and Masters in the Roman Empire: A Study in Social Control that should be an interesting follow-up to that. I don't know if I will be able to bring myself to see the film while it's in theaters. I might find that very fun, actually, but I have terrible motivation about going to films alone, and I don't have a movie-going geek tribe here. At least not movies in the theater. ;)
I also have on the back burner some Northern European primary source mythology - The Eddas and the Mabinogion and some others, as many as I can find in Public Domain libraries for download. (Have I mentioned that I love Nefertem the Magical Purple Smartphone/eBook Reader?)
And yesterday I spent the entire evening devouring in basically one sitting Anne Bishop's latest Black Jewels offering, Twilight's Dawn: A Black Jewels Book. I have read much criticism of the series and even agree with some of it, but damn, they are addictive and I love them. I couldn't bear to put it down. And I thought it would be easier to pause since it was a series of connected novellas rather than one story! Ahahahaha, so wrong. I was very surprised, but not in an unpleasant way, by the turn of those novellas, so that's good. Kept me engaged.

Today's card: The Four of Air, Gaian Tarot
Four of Air, Gaian Tarot )
Oh, dear, it's the nesting card. I just put in some inquiries with my property management company and some warehouses in the First Ward about larger apartments and art studios for rent. I am taking active steps to pursue changes in my living and creative working situation. I am actually a bit amazed to be in a position to consider such, but again, that's part of why I moved back here. Options. Relatively low cost of living. Thriving arts community. I have to do some buckling down here, too, and make decisions.
It's a good card for today, I think.

Plus I did my taxes. Always a nice feeling.

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Feb. 24th, 2011


Today was one of those days when folks left early or were out of the office in my corner, so I got involved in some doings with the Spanish and Korean versions of one of our sites (menu items not acting correctly), and when I next looked up it was 5:40 and most of the office was gone. Whee!

I also had my hands full with the anti-bullying discussion, which is still open and welcomes anyone who comes with a genuine desire for discussion and problem-solving. Feel free to stop by. (And I need to renew my connections with my support staff - even online ministry can be harrowing if one is not well-prepared.)

And in a bonus for the day, I was asked to help a friend with a web issue and found that my skills are still there. It's nice to be able to use creative html and css wrangling, especially when most of my time is spent elsewhere these days.

Today I ate all my kale chips. Nom nom nom. And there was the office birthday celebration for which I was an honoree. Sugar high coming right up!

I received in the mail a correspondence elective course from The New Seminary, which is awesome. This course was a really great (and welcome) presentation by Rev. Galina Krasskova on "The Polytheist Perspective" in interfaith work, which has a lot more pitfalls than one might imagine. I really loved it, and wish I could have been there in person to see everyone and take part in the discussion.

Perhaps that elective did a bit of shifting, or else my interesting day did, because I pulled the Child of Air from the Gaian Tarot.
Child of Air, Gaian Tarot )
This is a dreamer's card, so delicate and fragile in a way that the Page of Swords usually is not. The relationship between ourselves and our dreams is equally delicate, and often just as beautiful as the ethereal and short-lived butterflies in the card. I hope that the dream itself outlasts the mortal inspiration, and finds new shape in the eternal aspect of the butterfly, the psyche or soul.
I've been concentrating a lot today on other people's dreams, both in fandom and elsewhere.
But I also have been trying to allow my own creative energies to flow. I created some art this evening (I'll give it its own post) that just seemed like an interesting thing to do. No challenge or deadline or event prompted it, just the fact that I had an empty piece of screen and a tablet. It's fun to be spontaneous, to just see what speaks to me from my files of reference photos, or from the sketch books that I should be using more often.
Dreams need nurturing.

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Feb. 17th, 2011

Food, politics, and creativity

Today's card: Two of Water (again), Gaian Tarot
Two of Water, Gaian Tarot )
This again? Hm. Well, it's certainly apt as usual, because there's a lot of really exciting stuff happening, and I'm feeling lots of creative vibes.
New collaborations are in the works, plus progress is being made on writing and art that had been sidelined. Yay!
I have new connections of all kinds through Nefertem the magical purple smartphone, too. Never underestimate the power of FourSquare, I guess. Except I can't get it to post to Twitter (probably a good thing, really).

I had something really important to post about but I got distracted because, you know, work and stuff. Now I don't remember what it was. Possibly something political, but just thinking of all the petitions and congressional faxes and whatever else I've been sending is depressing. Democracy Now! every morning is depressing. Politicians' being assholes is depressing. Rape culture is infuriating, and the political attacks on womens' health are part of it! Rar! My Facebook overfloweth. And my state reps are screwing us over, too. Fun times, indeed.

I got spoiled for Fringe in a pagan blog, of all places. Oops. But I'm still totally engaged and watching Season 2.

I picked up some kale at the Farmers' Market this week and sauteed it with olive oil and garlic powder and it was AMAZING! Good grief. I want it, like, all the time, now. Bring me all the kale and garlic in the land!

Also on the subject of food, the H-town Streats lunch truck continues to be awesome, and Kim and I are planning to go to Inversion on other days, too, to hit the other two local trucks. Nom nom nom. Today for lunch we had beef sliders with bacon jam, parmesan truffle oil fries, and deep-fried chocolate coconut brownies with dulce de leche sauce. *swoon*

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Feb. 13th, 2011

Home with new toy

So, I made it home from San Antonio after a very fun conference and a brief stop at the Alamo and at El Mercado to have lunch at Mi Tierra restaurant. (Well worth the hype, IMO, and also a family tradition.)

Here is the required photo op:
In front of the Alamo
I think I will go get my hair cut today. Egads.

Also resident at the Alamo, which I had forgotten or perhaps never seen, beautiful giant koi fish:
Giant koi at the Alamo. Gorgeous!

Yesterday I visited the ancestral homestead to pick up my new smartphone (purple, already be-stickered), so expect me to become a head-down drone during all important interactions for a while now. :P He really is very cool, and I am very happy with him so far. (I think, as he is purple and has an Egyptian lotus sticker on his back, I will call him after the god of the lotus, Nefertem.)

I also got to have dinner with Donna and Jon and the little ones, who are very entertaining. (And were forgiving of my smartphone obsession.) We watched Star Wars, Episode I, which is Lando's current favorite, and it was actually not terrible to watch. Lando is a very enthusiastic Padawan learner, with his own lightsaber and everything. Watching with kids really makes you view these films in different ways.
As long as I didn't listen to any of the dialogue, it was great, and Liam Neeson was awesome! Donna and I had a whole conversation about the AU where Qui Gon lives and Obi-Wan doesn't fuck everything up with Anakin. It was awesome!

Today's card: Temperance from the Gaian Tarot.
Key 14: Temperance, Gaian Tarot )
In her description of this card, Joanna mentions specifically that it is a card beloved by and created for artists. It is a card of mixing and making, of creative solutions to problems and cooperation among disparate elements. I'd like to think that Temperance creates great energies in my life all the time, both spiritually and socially. I hope also that she watches over my creativity to keep me from becoming too predictable, or stuck in any ruts.

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Dec. 18th, 2010

awesome holiday tarot and more

The Tarot Meetup for the holiday ROCKED. We had a trading faire at which I acquired some sweet new items, and got rid of a few that were no longer useful for me. We also did some fabulous spreads - reading for each other as part of exercises is always really exciting and energizing. And I did some public reading, too, basically interpreting for the group with discussion. I LOVE THIS GROUP. And I felt wonderfully connected at the meeting, enough that I stayed almost an hour afterward chatting with a few other folks. I love Meetups like that!
I picked up a tiny deck that is just gorgeous and really spoke to me, so I may start carrying that around instead of the huge one that bulges out my purse pocket currently.

I need to get my holiday gifts together (I finally decided on some things for my brother, although I think I got just a TAD carried away.), and set them aside somewhere so that the ones going to farther distant relatives will go to their recipients before Epiphany. (I grew up with more the Twelve Days of Christmas celebration than the Advent ones. Advent calendars mystified me, when I was a kid.)

I would just like to say that it's both nice and sad when you can go to the liquor store with your dad and have bonding moment over how much you each would love to purchase a $300-500 bottle of scotch. (Different bottles, natch.) As usual I was puzzled by my apparent taste (I keep notes in my Book of Books and Other Things To Buy Someday on which distilleries produce the single malts I like) because the scotch aisle is supposedly arranged in an array moving from less peaty to very peaty and my choices are spread pretty evenly throughout. Puzzling. Or perhaps I misunderstood the salesguy. It happens, they were very busy. (But not their busiest!)

We re-watched Tron today, in preparation (I hope) for a viewing of the new movie. I don't care how bad the plot sucks (I have heard mixed reviews, but nothing yet from anyone I actually trust), I really want to see it on the big screen.

In other news, Gabi is the CUTEST BEAGLE SISTER EVER. She was so excited when I walked in with my laundry, she was like a pinball among the bumpers. And then while I was reading and watching Tron she came and curled up next to me on the sofa. Plus when I ate dinner she sat next to me and just watched, with those sad sad sad eyes, waiting for the moment when I was finished and let her lick the bowl. SO CUTE.

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Nov. 4th, 2010

Fun times with Jaye and the world

So after my brief Twitter encounter with Jaye trying to figure out how to say "Fuck you, bitch!" in Latin, I mentioned it to the guy sitting next to me in class - right when one of those brilliant silences fell upon the classroom.
So my prof ended up taking the first few minutes of class discussing how one might figure out "Fuck you, bitch!" in Latin, given that it was a difficult structure in English in the first place. (Is it actually an imperative? Is it, in fact, more indicative? How do you deal with 'bitch' when the Latin for dog is identical in both male and female genders?) And it turns out that sexual insults in Latin are heavily gendered, so there are special ones for men based on twisted Roman ideas of masculinity and the place of the "real man" in sexual encounters, and others for women based on the typical property rights issues. The prof also gave us all a reference to The Latin Sexual Vocabulary.
In conclusion, "Vae te, scorte!"
Thank you, Latin 201.

On Tuesday, I worked the morning at the polls since one of Mom's regular workers had to go to a meeting, then went home and cuddled Gabi, then went to pick Jaye up from the airport. We had a lovely dinner at the Red Lion pub with strange but delicious British-Indian-TexMex fusion, and hung out a bit watching the returns.
Yesterday, Jaye and I ran out to the grocery store and the drug store (because of course I got terribly congested the day before she arrived - argh, it's just like our trip to London!) and to drop off my rent and to take a tour of the neighborhood. Then we grabbed lunch on the Rice campus and I went to class, then we tried to hit the science museum, but they close at 5 and it was already almost 4, so we went to the gift shop instead.
Then we went to Rothko Chapel and the Byzantine Fresco Museum, which are both part of the Menil Collection.
We picked up Kim to have some excellent BBQ in the cold and rainy night. Goode Company is a mostly outdoor joint, but they have plastic tenting around the perimeter and heaters running the length of the patio roof, so we ate outside. The BBQ was delicious as always. Nom.
Post-BBQ we scored a table at Inversion Coffee, which was a bit more crowded than usual since another local coffeehouse, Agora, burned to the ground over Halloween weekend. Their crowd has been looked for replacement hang-outs, apparently, and bringing business to other locally owned joints around the neighborhood.

I have done no writing and very little drawing in this time, as expected. Maybe I might get a bit done during our downtime, but I'm not fussed over it, really.

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Oct. 30th, 2010

Saturday Saturday

So, stuff got done today, actually.

I ended up going out and running errands at midday with Kim, which was great. It got me out of the house and I did grocery shopping.
As a result, today's dinner was a stupendous achievement - grilled boneless pork chop with a light garlic dusting, green beans steamed with shallots, and a baked potato. Nom nom nom. I also broke out the peach tea. I have a lovely extra chop and green beans for lunch tomorrow now, too.

I put away all my laundry finally, and got some general room-organizing done. My sofa is still covered in photographs and boxes of same, from my massive scanning effort. I hope to get some of those cleaned up and posted to Flickr very soon.

I have been reading more and more and more Arthurian Legend stuff - all sorts of things, from YA fun to classic translations. It's not quite enough to break me away from my obsession with all things Roman, but darned close. (I'm almost finished with the latest Falco, Nemesis - my reading took a hiatus for travel but now I've caught up again.)

I made some excellent progress on some arts that I am doing for the holiday fest exchange season. Not quite enough that I feel comfortable blowing off tomorrow, especially since I have a houseguest coming next week, but enough that I am no longer stressing about them.

Merlin squee beneath the cut because SPOILERS for 3x08 Eye of the Phoenix, and some for future eps )

I confess I have cooled a bit on Inception and Sherlock, fandom-wise, although I still read fun-sounding recs and the Inception picspams continue to be awesome. I am also reading WAY MORE RPF than ever before, you guys are such a bad influence. ;)

For Samhain I am going to try recording a guided meditation for myself on audio, using the great software I own but have never opened. Should be interesting, at least. I've been working a lot more with individual deities and thinking about relationships with them, so hopefully this series of meditations will bring me some interesting new things to ponder. Plus any meditation is good meditation, right?

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Apr. 18th, 2010

fun geeky weekend

This weekend I had a grand time with various geeky pastimes.
On Saturday I finally got to see Secret of Kells with my parents.  It was a great little film - very different from what I expected but excellent anyway. It was gorgeous - totally inspiring and intriguing on many levels.  I really liked the animation of the illuminations, and the voices.
ETA (not really a spoiler but cut just in case )
After the movie we had a nice dinner, then I came home to finish setting up my new computer, which I named Aisling after the fairy in the film.
It's kind of amazing to work on a machine that doesn't take much time to boot, and doesn't default to error messages from the start.
Today I went with Chuck, Val, and Julie on the Texas Wine and Wildflowers Tour of local wineries. It was really lovely. The flowers were abundant and colorful, and even though it threatened rain all day it didn't really pour until after we were done with the tour. We had some wonderful wines on the tour, and met some very nice wine makers as well.  I learned that I have no idea how to taste wine any more, but that there are a lot of wines out there that I like.  I also appreciated the way the selections offered for the tasting were complemented (or not) by the food offerings. The discussion around the table was great.
I got a few photos, but nothing exceptional, and no flowers, unfortunately.  I'll have to go out on a wildflower quest later.

Also this weekend, I watched the latest episode of Doctor Who, "Victory of the Daleks."
fandom nonsense, cut for spoilers )

I'm planning some new art, but mostly now that it's the end of April I need to concentrate on finishing my Prismacolor of Morgana for the show in June, and making prints of my digital work.  It should be a pretty good spread of pieces, I think, fandom-related and not.

Aug. 25th, 2009

it's tuesday

So begins my quest to blog more frequently...

Last night I visited the ancestral homestead, where I picked up various fun things like my laundry, a box of things Mom wanted to get rid of (mostly my bookends - two of them are carved stone figures that are bloody heavy, even for bookends), and some of Mom's lentil soup, this time the cumin and coriander variation.
I am eating the soup right now and it's awesome, but I do wish I'd had the forethought to add some cheese to it before I left. There are so few foods that cannot be improved by the application of some extra sharp cheddar.

It's a rather nice change to have so much of my floor visible at home, although I still don't have all my flat spaces cleared. I can't sew yet, for one thing. But I'm close, very close.

Yesterday I did actually draw something, too. It may or may not morph into a full-blown illustration, we'll see.

Also, I took a Democratic Party political survey, the mail-in kind, and I mostly wished I had a big red marker to strike through half of it. "Mark the issues most important to you right now" - well, it's hard to do when they aren't even on your stupid list, Democratic Party. I added some write-ins.
"Which party do you trust to look after your interests?" NONE.
I hope they don't just throw my survey away because it has so much writing on it, outside of the "Please tell us anything else you think we should know" box. I have extremely neat handwriting, Democratic Party interns, you can handle it!

Feb. 2nd, 2009

Happy Imbolc plus stuff

A Joyous Imbolc to all - may good things grow from here.

I fail at weekend productivity, mostly.  Although with the assistance of Fabric-Stash Enabler Mom, I did acquire some smokin' awesome additions to my stash (and the things I actually needed for my current project) during a trek through Houston's southeastern neighborhood fabric stores.  We should learn that in most cases, we will find fun novelty fabrics at the chains, but for quality color/value cottons, going directly to The Painted Pony would save some time and money.  ;)
The only thing we didn't find was the Hoffman Challenge fabric. It's on some of the online retailers, but not yet in stores around here. We'll wait a bit and check back.

We also went to the uber-awesome catfish joint and scored a party platter overflowing with hushpuppies. WIN.

I did not actually get the fabric washed, although that's probably good as now it has bonus cat hair to wash off, too. Apparently my quilting table is Zephyr's new favorite nap spot.

Suffered through the Sunday blahs and Sunday night insomnia, which really made for a grand morning today.  Ugh.  Did manage to get my iTunes playlists transferred to Sofia at last, and got rid of most of the repetitive entries in the Library. Also acquired hotel accomodations for both ApolloCon and WorldCon. w00t!

Did some art, including laying in colors for the commission portrait for llnm. Finally. It'll take several more color layers to get it done, and I'm not sure that I'm happy with the chosen palette, but the nice thing about digital is that I have a great amount of control over individual colors. Did not do any writing.  Did a lot of reading, both of the fanfic and regular variety. I finished Skulduggery Pleasant (hey! It has a sequel!) and have gotten firmly addicted to The Stepsister Scheme.

Lalala. I think that was it. I got the feeling there was some kind of nation-wide sports event going on, but it never really got onto my radar. I will probably catch up on the cool movie trailers over the course of the next few days.

Dec. 1st, 2008

December already?

So, er, yeah. I'm still here, still doing stuff, getting behind on the writing but all caught up on the art at last. Looking forward to traveling at the end of the month although I will need to stock up on Airborne for the trip. Egads, it looks cold up there.
Thanksgiving was a festival of drinking, eating, movies, games, cleaning, sorting, drawing, reading, and lazing about. There was also some unfortunate GI distress, which has prompted me to make an appointment to discuss the pharmaceutical option with my doctor. Ever since he ran down the typical symptoms, I've been noticing ones that I hadn't really connected with IBS before. Plus I can't eat anything, it seems, without a lot of discomfort.
We're doing the Food Plan again so we didn't actually make Thanksgiving foods at home, and partook of them sparingly at my aunt's. I am trying to be more diligent about the food diary. With sickness came the inevitable holiday depression, although thankfully that didn't last too long. Somehow I have in my head that achieving a certain level of crafty productivity will mean I never feel depressed again. But experience shows that no matter how many works of art I produce, I will still occasionally be sad. Such is life.
Mom and I watched her favorite reality TV program yesterday: Smart People Doing Real Stuff. The NASA Channel had live radio and video feeds from Mission Control and the cockpit as the shuttle landed. It was pretty cool.
Now that all of my anonymous exchange art is turned in for the next month and a half, I hope to do some work that I can post free and clear, as well as participate in various December writing games, and of course I have a quilt to make. Need to print the photos for that. And find the final important design element to print and applique. It's something very specific, but that has many variations, so I will probably be scouring various sources for a good one. (And I'm hoping that part of it, at least, will be a surprise, as it is a gift.)
And here, since it's December: a meme about Christmas.
Hey, I can start playing my Holiday Playlist now! w00t!

Christmas meme )

Aug. 14th, 2008

foodie meme

The original post: The Omnivore's Hundred

1) Copy this list into your blog or journal, including these instructions.
2) Bold all the items you’ve eaten.
3) Cross out any items that you would never consider eating.
(go to the original post for Wikipedia links if you don't know what something is)
4) italicize ones you haven't eaten but WANT TO TRY
5) Leave the ones you haven't tried, but are indifferent about

(You know what would be good on this meme? A designation for something you tried once but will NEVER EAT AGAIN.)

The Omnivore's Hundred )

Aug. 8th, 2008

a moment of yay

People, traditional injera bread is gluten-free. It's made from teff! I <3 teff! Three cheers for teff!

And unlike the NYC restaurants where you have to call ahead, apparently my local joint serves 100% teff injera every day. Hooray!

(When next I am in NYC, though, I can call ahead to Ghenet and request gluten-free injera for the following night.)

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