Oct. 26th, 2011

the tale of poor Lila and of the fabulous broom-hat

So today I took my darling wee Lila the Blue Prius in for repairs after work, as her keys were low on battery and her innards were doing strange things with dashboard lights. I have woefully abused her, I admit, and owe her some touch-up paint on the dents, but she is my beloved Lila and I do want her to be healthy and safe. So Mom picked me up and I went on my merry way assuming that I would be out of there later that evening.
Turns out the technician leaves relatively early, so nobody had even started the diagnostics when I checked in again just before the closed for the night. So I didn't get to take Lila home. They will do the repair checking tomorrow and let me know if I will get her back home then. Getting back to my apartment was easy - Mom could give me a ride home - the difficulty was, of course, with the whole work thing.
Luckily for me, I have some really great coworkers who live in the neighborhood and I was able to arrange a carpool to the office for tomorrow.

While I was waiting for the call about my car that never actually came, I used my mom's phone to call customer service about the way Nefertem has been acting up. He was such a beautiful phone when he arrived, then he updated and he's been a flake and irritable. Well, turned out that he got some bad code in the firmware update, so I had to roll him back to the Factory Defaults. That's right, all my ringtones, all my apps, all my custom anythings - GONE. Goodbye, Nefertem, hello Nefertem 2.0. Now he should work again, but I am just scratching the surface of my customization re-do.

After that, I was able to address my other pressing need, that of a costume for the party on Saturday. I took my inspiration from Take Back Halloween's Goddesses section, and aimed for Athena. Across the freeway from the dealership there was a Party City, so I popped in and grabbed some sale items, one of which was a plastic centurion-esque helmet with a red crest. The guy at the register, calling for a price check, had some difficulty getting the folks in the back to identify the piece, until he said, "It's got this red stuff on the top, looks like a broom." Then they got it. I LOLed.
With that broom-helmet, the plastic shield, and the genuine wooden souvenir spear from the Philippines that Mom and Dad let me borrow, I am fully armed as a goddess. I'll be using fabric from various sources for the gown, and I have a wee plushie owl in a mortarboard that will be perfect for the finishing touch. Wise owl, indeed, he graduated! Hee. I can't wait to try putting it all together.

In other news, I am still planning to do Nanowrimo, and fiddling around with various ideas for work during the month. On Sunday we have a writers' group write-in for which I will be finishing my piece for my crit group, then I will be focusing on the Nano novel.
I got some great ideas for my [livejournal.com profile] merlin_holidays project this past week, from parental units and coworkers (how awesome is it that I can discuss fandom with both? So awesome.), so I am feeling much better about that even though I have yet to start preliminary lines. Having the idea is really helpful. Snupin Santa is moving along, I think, although when I start laying in the color it will be really challenging. I really want to get it right. :)
And my reverse big bang rough draft is rough, but done. I'm tabling it for now, since I'll have a few more weeks after my other deadlines to make it beautiful.

In conclusion,

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Jul. 11th, 2011

cleaning up and catching up

Ok, I have finally moved a bunch of the boxes that have been cluttering up my apartment for months. Plus I have stacked all the ApolloCon stuff to one side, so while it's still there, it's no longer actively blocking my creative outlets. (By which I mean the sewing table is once again clear.)

So, ApolloCon happened. It was fun. My costume went over well on Saturday. I got to meet Darth Vader at the Artist Reception.
It's Darth Vader!
Yay! A thousand dreams from my childhood given form! You know it's a party when the Sith crash it.

Among the boxes that I moved/emptied were the ones holding my grandmother's doll collection. All of the dolls have now been photographed and placed on display in my apartment. She had a really amazing group from Poland, dressed in regional folk costume. The workmanship and tiny details are lovely.
Cracow Polish Folk Costume Doll Detail embroidery  - Lowicz region

Now to get the rest of my stuff organized and/or thrown out.

I'm also well into the art for my paperlegends entry, which is good. I was worried for a bit, but now things are coming together, I think.

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Mar. 12th, 2011

let me sum up

I wrote this at Con-Jour in Clear Lake, but as they did not have wifi available for the public at the University facility (???), I had to wait until I got home to actually post it. Here it is:

Well, the last few days have been super busy. So busy that I have a precarious stack of dishes overtaking my kitchen. It's all been great fun, though.
Let me 'splain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

I've been writing )

and drawing )

and pondering costumes )

and engaging in a brief, fruitless studio search )

and attending a lecture by Dr. Jane Goodall )

and attending Con-Jour 2011 as an ApolloCon rep. )

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May. 10th, 2010

Art Car Parade photos up at last

It's time for my Art Car Parade 2010 Photos of Dooooooom!  The set is at Flickr! 

There were a few Beatles moments this year...

Dan Aykroyd was the Grand Marshal, which brought out two different Ecto1's and the Blues Brothers. 

And some vehicles are actually human-powered. (There were also some alternative-fuel cars and quite a lot of bicycles and other pedal-powered things.)

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