Oct. 25th, 2009

At the Faire

Keri and Donna
Originally uploaded by zephrene.
I ran away to the circus.. er, Renaissance Festival today!
It was pirate weekend, so I got into a pseudo-costume (I wore jeans), and met Donna, Jon, Lando and some friends.
It was a long drive, by the way. Geez. It seems so much shorter when there is another person in the car.
This is us in front of the waterwheel by the carousel, which was the designated "let's all meet here" location.

Jul. 24th, 2009

Azkatraz photos

This is actually not so much a report as a Yay! Photos! post, with occasional commentary. That link goes to my Flickr set, which will in turn sometimes sync up to the Azkatraz Flickr Pool.
Here's my Mug Shot:
Mug Shot (I'm having too much fun here)
Further adventures under the cut )

I've forgotten the LJ usernames of half the people I met already, but if anybody wants to pop in and remind me, feel free!

Mar. 29th, 2009

still packing

Packing, shopping for a bed, figuring out that maybe I'm hypoglycemic in addition to the stomach issues because I almost passed out and was shaking Friday night and had to miss a birthday gathering for a friend because I didn't trust myself to drive.  :(
But Saturday was much better and I watched what I ate and there were birthday people to greet and a party to go to. (Why is almost everybody I know born in March?) Donna and Jon and Lando the Magnificent Walking, Babbling, Playing Boy met me for Donna's birthday lunch, and have now seen my apartment, empty and echoing. Lando christened it with drool and laughter, so yay.

Then I went to my cousin Dave's birthday party, which was a live action role-playing card game called Long Live the King.  It was pretty awesome, although I was still trying to control my headachy symptoms (plus even I get a couple weeks when the pollen wreaks havoc with my sinuses).  I played the Archbishop with a 3-minute Mitre made of construction paper, while there were vast levels of costumery among the other folks.  From simple tunics and capes to full-on Henry VIII style gear, it was a good night for costumes.
I didn't know most of the people there, because this cousin was one of the ones that I used to see only for Christmas each year, if then.  But he's discovered that I'm a geek and a gamer, so now I get invited to these things. :)
It was a fun time, but as with many of these games, I think that the next time it's played, things will go much more smoothly.  Last night we were a bit confused about what we could and could not do, and nobody knew exactly how to win. It always takes at least one round for the players to really grok the strategy.  So, I can only hope we find excuses to play again!

Also, another cousin had a birthday last week (and I should have e-mailed him or something - bad me.) and Peter and Hillary are Tuesday and today, respectively.
March - a popular month for being born.

Today mom and I have made it our mission to buy me a bed, and then I have to get the rest of the assorted misc junk off my floor and shelves and into boxes, because the movers are coming on THURSDAY. Yeep.

Nov. 15th, 2008

Julie visit teaser

We're having a good time!

Julie & Keri in the Water Garden

So are the Storm Troopers!

Highland Storm Trooper

More photos to follow when I get a spare minute to process them. Plus of course we're going back to the Festival tomorrow.

Aug. 15th, 2008

hats, cosplay, crafts

The lovely woman who made the hat I wore at Portus has a new web site up:


She's got some good stuff, if you want to take a gander!

Jul. 13th, 2008

Art at Portus

Portrait of Draco CosplayerPortrait of Snape Cosplayer

Two cosplayers at the Wrock Concert Thursday Night kindly agreed to sit for Ven and me to draw.
These are my first two live-model portraits with prismacolor pencils, which I acquired shortly before the trip.

Portus photos

Ok, I don't actually remember tons of details but I'll try to do a Portus recap at some point. Basically it was awesome with a few moments of blah that I quickly got over. Note to self: never travel without digestive biscuits or something. The breakfast offerings at most places are terrible on my stomach.

So, here are some photos:
Zephyr the Cat helps in cape production #1
Zephre the Cat helps in cape production at home, four days before Portus.

The Snarry Meetup + Two Snapes
Snarry Meetup - I've labeled the faces I remember with notes on Flickr. Feel free to add your own notes if you know who's who!

Me, Voldemort, Ven
OMG it's me with Voldemort EEEEEE! (And this Voldemort is also a member of Ministry of Magic, bigger SQUEEEEE!)

My Dark Mark and my badge stuff
My Dark Mark tattoo, my Portus badge with various accoutrements. The badge holder actually acquired more button pins ("I learned about Justice from Umbridge", "I learned about Compassion from Snape" and a Slytherin Prefect) before the end.

"Hermione" by Fox Estacado, in the Art Auction.

My whole Portus 2008 set, crappy snapshots and all, is right over here.

Jul. 12th, 2008

The Death of Snape

The Death of Snape
Originally uploaded by zephrene.
So far I have been taken as the Dark Lord six times, McGonagall once, and Bathilda Bagshot once.
"Nagini" has killed four Snapes and I've been AK'd by one for giving his cohort bunny ears during a photo.
Fun times.

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