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Jul. 14th, 2014

DetCon1 Schedule

So I'm just popping up at random here in the journal-sphere to mention that I'm appearing on Programming at DetCon1, the North American Science Fiction Convention (NASFiC) that's happening in Detroit starting this Thursday.

Here's my schedule (or at the website):
panels panels workshops panels )

I'll also have work on display and for sale in the art show.

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Sep. 29th, 2011

split personality weather and other incidentals

This is what the sky looked like this morning: in the east, blue, clear, fluffy clouds and blue skies, bright sun; in the west, GIANT THREATENING THUNDERHEAD OF DOOM.
Thursday morning sunshineThursday morning thunderhead
I really hope it actually rains. A gentle daily drizzle for about 60 days. That would be awesome.
UPDATE because this post has been sitting on my desktop since 9am: IT DIDN'T RAIN. BOO.

For those who care about these things, these are my alternative IDs: I have a Twitter account, a Pinboard account, and a Tumblr, plus I'm on Pinterest if anybody does that (or wants an invite!).

Also, I cut my hair.
Me in my messy office
This is very short for me, as the lovely lady at the salon looked at the reference photo I brought and cut my hair that short while it was wet, not thinking about the fact that my hair curls. So now it's a lot shorter than I'm used to. Whee! I've been told it makes me look "like a grownup". But I've also been asked if I was a freshman, so I guess it evens out?

Today we went out to lunch and almost missed a turn, the driver took it quite fast in a tiny, tiny car and as we all exclaimed and reached for handles, she says, "Don't worry, I've got airbags all the way around!" LOL. I love my office.

FenCon was awesome, but I didn't actually do much at the con itself, since I was helping with parties and tables. I got to see two panels, and they were both GoH features. Excellent stuff. Really like meeting Gail Carriger at the parties, she's awesome in person and told great stories on the panels.

Had some great conversations, as well, including one wherein I completely blanked on the title of every Iain M. Banks Culture novel ever. Whee! I haven't read them all, but I do love the series. (In case it ever comes up again, here they are.)

Also, it's Banned Books Week! Go read something!
Also also, Merlin is on Saturday! Eeeee! And Doctor Who! It's like a Saturday made of awesome! I can't wait. :D

I'm just going to post this before I crash my computer again. Whee.

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Mar. 25th, 2011

rediscovering creativity

OK, so I stole the subject line from the title of a course we run at work, whatever.
In light of yesterday's epic software fail (and to keep myself from buying Painter 11 just because Corel sent me a coupon), I am cleaning up my bedroom and clearing my drafting table at last. I hope to finish either my Amidala art or another Star Wars piece in Prismacolor, for display at the art show.

Now, keeping in mind my love of Sith and my general disdain for Jedi (Qui-Gon excepted!), and the fact that I am a much bigger fan of muppets than of CGI, what should I draw? I thought about doing something with the doomed romance between Padme and Anakin, or perhaps something to parallel the Amidala & Leia art featuring Obi Wan and infant Luke? Or maybe I need to skip ahead to the Expanded Universe and draw Luke as a husband and father? Maybe there should be a duel between an unnamed Sith person and a Jedi who is a secondary or extra character in one of the films. (Maybe I should watch the Clone Wars animated stuff so I have new characters to play with...)

I am not totally committed to Star Wars to fill out my panel, either. There are many broadly appealing fandoms I could try. And I do intend to display as many of my Avatar: The Last Airbender pieces as I can. Hmmm. Perhaps a poll.

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Mar. 22nd, 2011

adorable little sister and other news

Baby sister Gabi:
Gabi in the grassGabi at rest
How cute is she? SO CUTE!
I had to take my car to get the headlight replaced, and since the dealership is close to the ancestral homestead, I spent the afternoon doing a bit of light "work from home", listening to the wind chimes on the patio, and photographing the puppy.
She was very excited to see me - family claim this is because of the Full Moon, but Gabi is just like that. She was very sad when Dad left for a work trip, though. She must hate that luggage, it means her best buddy is going to be gone for a while.

So, yeah, my car. Poor darling filthy Lila is really in need of a bath and some paint touch-up, but the thing I visited for was the headlight. It took two hours to get the news that yes, it was a headlight bulb and not a computer glitch, and another two hours to get the thing replaced. (What kind of vehicle is constructed such that you have to remove the front bumper to put in a light bulb? Geez, Toyota.) Although the process took forever, I do like the guys at the Service Dept of the dealership, so that's nice.
I will have to take her back for her full check-up and inspection next month after the expenses settle.

I am planning to enter the Art Show at ApolloCon 2011, and need to get my slate of stuff together. I'm not sure of the audience there for my stuff, but I don't enter to sell things, really, just to do it and say that I did. I think that if I finish the gnomes, and the Star Wars art, and maybe do something else Star Wars related, I could furnish a pretty good variety on the panel. (I am definitely including my portrait of Sir Leon, even if nobody knows who he is. He's too awesome not to showcase.)

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Mar. 12th, 2011

let me sum up

I wrote this at Con-Jour in Clear Lake, but as they did not have wifi available for the public at the University facility (???), I had to wait until I got home to actually post it. Here it is:

Well, the last few days have been super busy. So busy that I have a precarious stack of dishes overtaking my kitchen. It's all been great fun, though.
Let me 'splain... No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

I've been writing )

and drawing )

and pondering costumes )

and engaging in a brief, fruitless studio search )

and attending a lecture by Dr. Jane Goodall )

and attending Con-Jour 2011 as an ApolloCon rep. )

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Jun. 28th, 2010

Iron Artist 2010: Miss ApolloCon

Iron Artist: Miss ApolloCon 2010ApolloCon did an Iron Artist panel this year, which is like Iron Chef in that the panel of distinguished artists get a bin of random art supplies and have to create something according to the given theme.
This year's theme: Miss ApolloCon Pageant winner.
The supply I got out of the bin: finger paints in four colors (red, green, blue, yellow).
I worked on a foam board taped to the wall in front of a live audience, which was encouraged to heckle. I had my own personal heckler in Brian, one of the guys from the Jedi demo, who was there in full costume. I kept threatening to come over and pat him on the shoulder with my paint-smeared hand when he commented on my pageant-winning cow. (ApolloCon's unofficial mascot is the cow. We have a lot of "space cow" gags and jokes and even art.) At one point, Katy brought me some towels and I cleaned off my hands, but Brian didn't know that, so I walked up beside him while his head was turned and said, "Thanks for the support," and patted his shoulder, dragging my fingers.  He *jumped* and whipped around and then looked SO relieved when I showed him my clean hand. LOL.

So there is my contribution, one that I think turned out really well, for being 15 minutes of live finger painting.

In other news, ApolloCon was very successful, we had a fantastic bunch of guests, I got to go to several panels, our procedures went pretty well, I had another great group of volunteers organized by my On-Site Reg manager, and the after-Con parties were awesome. We managed to get loaded out in good time, and now I am utterly EXHAUSTED.

Also, Doctor Who freakin' rocked, OHMYGOD, how awesome was that season finale?? 

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Jun. 24th, 2010

happy web news

The art is not down!  Yay!
Everything else is, but I managed to clean out the malware without having to gut the Gallery portion of the site, so hurrah. 
Still, got to clean things out and get the domain back up and running at some point.  :)

And now I am just getting ready to load my car with all the exciting boxes and boxes and bins and boxes and... boxes...  oh, and my personal luggage... for APOLLOCON!

I managed to print everything (I hope!) and get it all into place to transport and wow, there is a LOT of gear involved.  Whee!

Hope to see all the locals there. :)

ETA: ok, I have no idea how the usernames ended up in this post - must have been some stray code from my crossposting software. Oops! Sorry, guys. ;)

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May. 27th, 2010

catching up - the bullet points version

So, I keep meaning to post something and then getting sidetracked.  I've even drafted things and then closed the window.  Fun times. It's been busy here, though.

- Of course, ApolloCon is coming up very soon and that takes up a lot of bandwidth.
- I blew through the Twilight saga at last, on Donna's recommendation, and actually I really enjoyed it. I didn't find nearly as many objectionable political themes as some reviewers, and while I found Bella rather unappealing as a protagonist I certainly enjoyed the world and many other characters in it.  I also watched the first two movies, and they were pretty blah. The second was better than the first by miles, which is true of the books as well, but I don't hold out too much hope for the translation of the books to screen.  Look what movies did to Harry Potter.  Anyway, the point is that they were fun books and I enjoyed the heck out of them, and while I won't be jumping to find some Bella/Edward fic on the internet any time soon, I would totally be down for some explorations of Caius's experiences with the Children of the Moon.  Anybody? 
- Still enjoying the heck out of the new Doctor Who, and very much in love with the characters, most especially Rory.
- I am now reading Unseen Academicals, Terry Pratchett's latest Discworld book, and it's quite fun. On deck are a whole slew of YA fantasies from the library, and then I really must get back to the Dresden Files so I can catch up and stop avoiding spoilers.
- Enjoyed a great benefit concert at House of Blues Houston with the family. It was really nice to be out just the four of us, and it was an interesting evening full of fabulous music.
- Went to my first Geeks Who Drink pub quiz in Houston with a co-worker, her husband, and their friends.  I hope it will become a regular thing. It was a fun quiz, with the usual moments of woe and of genius, plus bonus outdoor patio bar with friendly dogs. I wore my Heroines of Science: Marie Curie t-shirt to commemorate the occasion.
- I was accepted as a College Associate for one of the residential colleges here, which basically means that I get to have lunch in their servery sometimes and hang out with the students, support the college in its projects on campus, and maybe be more involved in other things as well.  I understand the definition of the role is still somewhat fluid, so come the fall semester I'll find out more. It'll be nice to have a connection on campus proper, since my office/cave is off on the far side and I don't get to mingle much with the undergrads or faculty.
- I've been mainlining Legend of the Seeker Season 1 on Netflix for the last few weeks.  It's a bit awesome and a bit awful, not sure yet where the balance will end up. I may be slightly skewed in my viewing after watching part of Season 1 of Xena, though.
- Been getting a lot of "Thanks for your opinion, but I'm on the opposite side of the issue" replies from my congressional representation again, which is typical but for some reason coming in floods now.
- I had a brilliant idea for a story while on my morning commute the other day, listening to Democracy Now! on KPFT. I'm not certain it will work, but it's exciting to feel inspired.  Also, I have some direction on my current WIP that my crit group will love to see, if I can get it all typed out in time to turn in on Monday.
- I'd really like to take an art class this summer, so I'm counting pennies and figuring out schedules to see if I can work something out. Hopefully I'll still feel like working after showing my illustrations at ApolloCon (eep!). At least I finally got my drafting table and lamp set up. Yay workspace! Now I just need to break out the watercolors again.

And now it is time to sleep.

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May. 15th, 2010

catching up - good, bad, plus ApolloCon Yay!

So yesterday something wonderful occurred: a family dinner, just the four of us: me, my parents, and my brother. We met up after the Scion got off work and had a great dinner at a local restaurant. It's been a long time since we had such an occasion, so I was very happy.
Then just as we were getting ready to go, the heavens opened with torrential downpours. Whee, gotta love East Texas.
Today my cousin is graduating from the University of St. Thomas, and I'll be going to her party this afternoon. I was hoping to see the ceremony on streaming video but it took me until just now to find their link. Doh. I'll have to see about watching it later.
I have tons of stuff to do this weekend, as well, and a busy schedule.

On Thursday I got lucky and attended the symphony in place of a friend who had to go out of town. That was really nice - it's always cool to go to Symphony shows.
Tomorrow I'm going to see Jane Eyre: the Musical at the Hobby Center with another friend, which I expect to be LOLtastic, although I have heard the music and it's pretty good.

Last week really sucked, mostly because of things I didn't feel comfortable blogging until they were resolved. and they live under this cut )
And of course that was totally separate from the general worry about the upcoming Hurricane Season, which promises not only to be worse in general than previous ones, but also full of nasty gross oil spill madness. Apocalypse, this summer!
Plus I've been doing a lot of reading on rape culture, sexual assault awareness, and misogyny in media, which isn't cheerful anytime.
So given that fabulousness I'm sure folks can understand why my reaction to recent Merlin fandom wankitude over the last week has been, "I can't believe you guys think this is worth this much outrage, seriously."

But I'm very happy to see some fun prompts in various prompt-collecting places, and hopefully in this month's TOTAL CRAZINESS (i.e. the last month before ApolloCon goes up) I'll find the time to draw some stuff.

Also, hey - APOLLOCON is coming! Houston's science fiction, fantasy, and horror convention is full of awesome, and I say that not just because I'm on the ConCom. ;) Weekend memberships are still available for pre-registration for $35. They'll be $40 at the door!
We'll have fun stuff this year: authors, artists, musicians, rocket scientists, LARPers, cosplayers, concerts, a dance, readings, and a FABULOUS Con Suite. Come play!

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Mar. 10th, 2010

prepping for travel

I always forget how much stress increases as I approach air travel.  Even the relative ease with which I have managed in the past serves only to temper the stress, never eliminate it.
In any case, I'm flying on Friday.

I shall be landing in Philadelphia, and barring any other plans I will be training directly to Manhattan from there, and spending a week in the land of college buddies, spiritual friends, museums, and pubs. I am hoping that once I have landed my stomach will proceed as it has in this last month, and allow me to enjoy large chunks of time without distress.  Whee!

From NYC I'll be heading back to Philly for the Equinox weekend and some fandom fun in the city. Yes, it's a tiny Merlin Con. ;)

My biggest hope for the week, outside of quality time with folks I don't get to see a lot, is that I'll get some use out of my sketchbooks and pencils.

Dec. 3rd, 2009

a random rant + stuff

Getting e-mail responses from my senators always makes my blood pressure skyrocket.  It's not that I don't understand that they are pretty much absolutely opposed to my views on just about everything, but I still get so peeved to get these long involved letters that pretty much tell me that I am an idiot. I may be over-sensitive here, but I wish they would just skip the overly text-heavy reply and just say that they received my message, some intern made a note somewhere of the general gist, and they are going to do what they want anyway. Better that than this ridiculous response in which they pretend to relate to me when it couldn't be more obvious that it's a canned platform response. They even say that it's because of citizens like me that they will keep blocking the very legislation I wrote in to support (or vice versa). Do they have no concept of a constituent writing in to disagree?
Also, I don't appreciate the informal greeting, nor the generic "Friend".  I'm not a friend of my congresspeople, I am one of their many constituents.  Call me "Constituent" if you can't automate a Title and Surname off the e-mail form. Let's be real about our relationship.
One good thing I can say is that so far I haven't gotten any letters. My old rep (Democrat, not that it seems to matter) used to send those canned, patronizing responses on expensive letterhead (sometimes two pages worth!) even after I asked the folks on the phone not to send me a response.
At least the interns who answer my phone calls have so far been unfailingly polite.

Maybe I should go have a drink and relax. I am obviously overthinking today. 

Can I just say, too, while I'm ranting, SNOW?! In December? In Houston? Seriously, what is that? Oh, climate change, how we love you. The birds are going to be so flipping confused. Not to mention the trees. They all still have leaves!  Anyway...

Lunchtime is over. Got stuff to do today and then I'm driving to Austin in the morning. Cons... there are some events when having a smartphone with web access would be quite useful.

I'm going to add in a small squee, because I can: Merlin Series 3 got the green light from the BBC! w00t! Why must my only currently airing fandom be something none of my RL friends likes or has heard of? I need some folks to squee with...  oh, well. 

Also, here, in pretty font this time:

the ♥
fanart love ♥ meme

Dec. 2nd, 2009

wednesday stuff

[info]glockgal has started a meme for fanartists to share the love. my fanart meme entry

It's really cold here, which is weird. And I've discovered that I'm kind of unprepared, so I'd best go pick up some things before the end of the month when I go to Philadelphia.
By the way, northeast folks - I'm going to be in Philadelphia for the end of the year. I'll probably have a day or an afternoon to meet with locals if you're in the area. Give me a call or drop me a line.

Good lord, I have less than a month before I leave.  Eek eek eek.

Art is proceeding well, but as usual my list of projects keeps growing ahead of my ability to finish anything.

Writing not proceeding so well, but slow is ok as long as it gets done.

Austin this weekend for SMOFCon, then next weekend is the election and then the next weekend is meeting and parties and when exactly was I hoping to get anything done again?  Hmm.

Still making my way through Doctor Who, although I took some time to listen to the three episode commentaries on the Volume 1 DVD of Merlin Series 2.  Interesting.  I wish those DVDs could include deleted scenes, even (perhaps especially) ones played out against CGI stand-ins or greenscreen.  It would be so interesting. Plus we might see some of the characters that appear to have gotten pretty short shrift in the show as aired. (Hi, Morgana!)

Right, gotta make art now.

Aug. 11th, 2009

home again!

I'm back from the adventure that was WorldCon, ready to read the great entries in the Snarry Games that I missed, and catch up with the BLU and Merlin Big Bang entries.  w00t!
I should also go grocery shopping.
My travel season has come to an end, except for short weekend drives to local events. No more flying for a while, not until Christmas in all likelihood.
It's been a fun summer, though, full of great people, exciting places, and gorgeous fun.

Now I really do need to concentrate on unpacking my apartment into something more livable. And finishing this wedding quilt that's been sitting on the shelf all summer.

Also, Jim Kirk is a total manwhore. (It made sense in Montreal.)

Aug. 7th, 2009

WorldCon Day 1: The short version

-- Jaye and I are going to hell.
-- Jaye fell asleep in the panel on Consciousness.  (I fell asleep in the Putting the World in WorldCon panel)
-- I feel like I walked several miles along the corridors at the party hotel.
-- the Polish restaurant in Old Montreal is awesome, as I remembered it, and I really must get back there for dinner.
-- We are still in search of decent coffee, but the place in the Palais serves "cafe mocha" ghetto-style, which is hot chocolate with regular coffee poured into it. OMG, it is So Damn Good.
-- became a pre-supporting member of the Texas 2013 bid. Yay.
-- found Jake randomly by the elevators at the party hotel.
-- random guy in the panel about Genocide in Literature spent 5 minutes of panel time summarizing the most recent Star Trek movie.
-- Charles Stross predicts human drivers will be illegal in 30 years...
-- Paul Krugman to Charles Stross: So where do you get your ideas?
-- Opening Ceremonies included a really good contortionist. Those folks always make me cringe a little, though, when they fold their spine backwards just below their diaphragm. Eep.
-- Neil Gaiman seemed shorter than I am when I ran into him (almost literally in a narrow doorway). That is so weird. Also, he did not offer Jake a blow job. (But hey, it's only Thursday.)
-- Margarita ok. Aquavit excellent. La Fin du Monde local microbrew AWESOME.
-- Now Jaye and I are going to bed.

Aug. 4th, 2009

gone to WorldCon

I'm off to Montreal for WorldCon, be back next week. 
I'll try to get net access, but for the most part I'll be off the grid.

Jul. 24th, 2009

Azkatraz photos

This is actually not so much a report as a Yay! Photos! post, with occasional commentary. That link goes to my Flickr set, which will in turn sometimes sync up to the Azkatraz Flickr Pool.
Here's my Mug Shot:
Mug Shot (I'm having too much fun here)
Further adventures under the cut )

I've forgotten the LJ usernames of half the people I met already, but if anybody wants to pop in and remind me, feel free!

Jul. 15th, 2009

deadlines and Azkatraz

Well, I managed, by staying until after 7pm yesterday, to finish the deadline stuff for work today, so that I have a few loose ends to tie up before leaving for Azkatraz, but mostly things are done.

I'm flying out tonight, so perhaps I'll see some of you guys at the hotel?
If you don't have my phone number and might want it, drop me a line at zephrene AT gmail, and I'll pop it over to you.  Otherwise, I expect I'll see quite a few of you at HBP tomorrow, and at various volunteering gigs Friday.  :)

I'll be back, and hopefully more productive, in a week, but only until the time rolls around to leave for this year's WorldCon in Montreal.  (eeee, exciting!)

See you in San Francisco!

Jul. 2nd, 2009


I have this unfinished WIP that was really close to my heart - and still is, in its way, and I'm wondering now whether or not to finish it.  It's a one-shot featuring Harry and  Luna, in my Far Away as Moonshine ''verse, which I love to pieces despite the extreme rarepair-ness of it.  :P

I also have a bunch of prompts to fulfill for my now-defunct but still inspiring table on Luna.
Haven't been feeling the writing bug lately, but now that my ApolloCon stress is mostly done for the year, and I'm gearing up for Azkatraz, HP is back on the brain. (And I just can't do fic for Merlin yet. It took me years to work up to it in HP, maybe someday.)

To write, or not to write? Maybe I'll just keep drawing...

And oh crap, officially less than two weeks to the Con and I need to frame my art for the Gallery and Auction!
And print postcards... And test my DVD cable... And move all the pr0n off the  laptop that's traveling with me.  Yeep.

May. 7th, 2009

art decisions

I'm planning to put four of my Tarot cards in a frame for display at the Azkatraz Dungeon of Art, but I'm having trouble deciding which ones.
At first, I was going to use the Aces, because I love them, but then I thought perhaps some of the book characters would be better, and more fitting to the con theme (Hanged Man, for instance?).
So now I can't decide.

Anybody have any ideas?  Here's a link to the cards I've done:

If I don't do the Aces, I thought perhaps The Lovers, Death, The Hanged Man, and Temperance?

Or perhaps somebody else has a card they really think is excellent that I'm not remembering...

Please do comment if you know the work.

May. 4th, 2009

catching up...

Catching this journal up...

mid-trip report, April 30 )

and a Readers' Studio report:
it's a wow sort of weekend, May 2 )

The finish of the Readers' Studio was great, and then yesterday I got to see Michelle and Andy and Milo and Vic and Ali for dinner, then E and I played the first half of a cutthroat game of Super Deluxe Double Scrabble, which has twice the tiles and a bigger board featuring QUADRUPLE letter and word scores. w00t!

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