Jan. 17th, 2012

Shuttle / Everybody OTP

So I retweeted the following:
Which subways do you guys ship? I think A / F is fun, but 6 / 7 will ALWAYS be my OTP.

And this happened:

Jaye: I am now trying to ship train lines. Thanks

me: LOL, you're welcome! i think I ship W/7 myself.

me: unless they don't exist anymore.

Jaye: Nono, that'd be great

The 7 is pining for its lost love

me: awww. man, the h/c potential there.

Jaye: I think the shuttle would make a great rebound fuck

Yet another sentence I never thought I'd type

me: aw, man. the shuttle really gets around, though.

Jaye: maybe the transit museum sells train condoms

me: ... they probably do.

Jaye: ah, yes: http://secondavenuesagas.com/2007/01/08/condoms-a-la-nyc-subways/

me: I love this town!

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Jan. 14th, 2009

Merlin-commentary - in one compact post

Post #1:
Here are the caveats:
I don't tend to watch TV, so I have seen neither the show nor any clips.
The web site video doesn't work if you're logging in outside the UK, so all I had to go on were the character descriptions and stills. 

Transcript of chat below:
a plenitude of snark and a lack of saxony goodness, or evilness as the case may be )

Post #2:
I have now seen the first episode of the BBC's Merlin.
Here is my running commentary.  bwahahaha.

snark and hilarity )

Oh, interwebs, I love you! I'm going to watch the whole show now!
Except not right this minute because it's time to sleep.

Dec. 16th, 2008

updates and whatnot

OMG, I'm trying to create (I'm a day behind on advent drabbles again, not that I'm going to panic over it, but I have IDEAS) and there's nobody to commiserate with. The only chatroom I know about is kind of dead, or at least slow, and gchat is empty, and sigh.
I miss my old writers' chat, but they wouldn't have been the best folks to blather with over fanfic stuff anyhow. It was just such a big group it was almost always busy in the chatroom.

And how sad is it that I feel so out of sorts trying to work without a background hum of interweb chatter? Geez. *firmly opens photoshop, or GoogleDocs at the very least.*

I have deadline stuff to do, too!

In related news, I updated my Art Master List up to yesterday's snarry_hols reveal, including the drawbles so far.

Mar. 25th, 2008


Discussing our itinerary for our trip to England/Wales in April:

Jaye: Out of curiousity, are we going to have to go on an HP tour of England?
me: absolutely not.
me:  if I even suggest it you have my permission to smack me upside the head.
Jaye: Haha! Okay

Jaye is not a fan of HP, although she is a Big Geeky Fan in general, so we have discussed our fanfiction.

Feb. 22nd, 2008

just in case anybody else does this...

p.s. I Gchat as zephrene.  Look me up.
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Jan. 8th, 2008

to make an alternative universe

In IM with a friend today, all my motives are belong to you:

zephre: that's the basis of most of my AUs. redeem the Malfoys, and Snape if possible; break up Harry & Ginny if I can; and give everybody therapy.

and by 'redeem' I don't mean let them be good-ish guys in the end, JKR did that already.  I mean make the characters worthwhile in my own mind, instead of reducing them to caricature type as I feel was done in DH.

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