Nov. 22nd, 2010

seeking beta reader

So is anybody out there who isn't doing the challenge willing to look over my entries? Nothing would ever be more than 1000 words long, and they're all likely to be heavy on the Season 3 canon AUs with guest characters back at Camelot for whatever reason.

I posted something like this earlier with a big long blather about my AU ideas, but now I am actually producing stuff for the challenge, so a reader would be really nice.


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Dec. 11th, 2007

beta reading exchange?

I am finding myself with more fanfiction than ever anticipated, and the general inclination to try to make something decent out of it.

In that vein, I'm wondering if anybody out on the flist is available to beta-read or knows someone who would be interested in beta-reading (or Brit-picking) my fics. I am especially interested in plot-nitpicking and critique for continuity, tension, and character-consistency. 

I tend to write AUs following the events of DH up to a point, then diverging wildly into the future.  Currently I write these pairings: Harry/Luna, Snape/Lupin, past Lupin/Tonks, Draco/Luna with various side pairings and OCs.  I love Luna and the Malfoys and they almost always end up featuring heavily.
At the moment I have 50-some-odd thousand words of Nanowrimo randomness I'd like to see if I can pull a coherent narrative out of (see tags) and  a Draco/Luna WIP (probably will finish in the range of 10k).

I am a beta-reader myself, although only recently for fanfiction.  I read for grammar/spelling/etc and for plot-nitpicking and general writing critique.  I would be happy to trade services.

I'll also gladly draw in exchange for beta-reading. This is the sort of thing I do.

Please feel free to comment or email me at zephrene AT gmail if you're interested. Thanks!

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