Dec. 7th, 2008

Advent Drawble 7: Christmas Reunion, PG-13

Title: Christmas Reunion
Artist: [info]zephre
Rating: PG-13
Characters/Pairing: Tonks/Percy
Prompt: #7, lamp-lit snowy square
Summary: Percy meets Tonks as she returns from a mission abroad, just in time for the holidays.
Disclaimer: not-for-profit fan art
A/N: for [info]adventdrabbles. thanks to Diz for the pairing inspiration. I hope to give this a real finish and polish before the end of the season.

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May. 14th, 2008

Lusty Month of May Progress

Every one of these links goes to a piece of artwork that is so very Not Work Safe.

Day 5: Benefits of Sharing a Bathroom (R, Remus/Tonks, shower sex)

Day 6: One for the Scrapbook (NC-17, Remus/Narcissa, sounding)

Day 7: Reviving Vindolanda (R, Remus/Regulus, role play)

Day 8: Cinnamon and Peppermint (NC-17, Remus/Lucius/Severus, sex toys, threesome)

Day 9: Wolfsbane Potion is Love (NC-17, Moony/Severus, bestiality)

Day 10: Just What the Doctor Ordered (R, Remus/Doctor and others, Doctor Who Crossover, cross-dressing)

Day 11: A Touch of Pink (NC-17, Remus/Harry, spanking)

Day 12: The Unwashed Sock (NC-17, Remus alone, sex toy (sorta))

Day 13: The Winning Hand (R, Remus/Sinistra, tattoos)

Day 14:  A Lesson in Haruspicy (NC-17, Remus/Bellatrix, blood play)

Apr. 5th, 2008

ART: Percy Weasley, King of Magepunk

Title: Percy Weasley, King of Magepunk
Artist: [info]zephre
Rating: PG
Characters: Tonks/Ginny, Luna/Percy, various OCs
Summary: Waiting in the queue for the club, Percy decides that maybe Luna's idea isn't so entirely daft after all...
Warnings: none
Medium: Photoshop
HP Art 100 Prompt: Music
Notes: If I didn't think my viewers and I would go blind, I'd try to make some of the clothes change color through animation. But I'm just not that ambitious. Notes on Magepunk subcultures (I included at least one of each!) are in my Insanejournal over here. Fic to follow.

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