Dec. 31st, 2012

Art Master List

Even though I have tags like wow, I am constructing a Master List as so many other folks have. 

Wow, this is a long long long list. When appropriate, I have clustered by pairing rather than listing by date.

semi-organized list of stuff )

For the record, my art is ok to use for icons with proper attribution.

Jan. 11th, 2009

2008: A Year in Art

I had people ask if I had done one of these, and as 2008 was my first full year of active fandom participation (instead of perpetual lurking), why not see how the progress went?
I'd also like to note that Part 1 of Far Away as Moonshine, my fanfic novella, was posted January 6, and the final Part 28 on August 29. 
These are listed by month of reveal, in the case of 'anonymous' exchange art. Easier than trying to remember when I actually drew them or when they posted at the fests.

January )

February )

March )

April )

May - this one is really long )

June )

July )

August )

September )

October )

November )

December )

Dec. 16th, 2008

updates and whatnot

OMG, I'm trying to create (I'm a day behind on advent drabbles again, not that I'm going to panic over it, but I have IDEAS) and there's nobody to commiserate with. The only chatroom I know about is kind of dead, or at least slow, and gchat is empty, and sigh.
I miss my old writers' chat, but they wouldn't have been the best folks to blather with over fanfic stuff anyhow. It was just such a big group it was almost always busy in the chatroom.

And how sad is it that I feel so out of sorts trying to work without a background hum of interweb chatter? Geez. *firmly opens photoshop, or GoogleDocs at the very least.*

I have deadline stuff to do, too!

In related news, I updated my Art Master List up to yesterday's snarry_hols reveal, including the drawbles so far.

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