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Oct. 17th, 2018


Title: The Resistance, VIII
Challenge: Inquisitorial Squad
Word Count: 100

“Miss Parkinson. Please come in.” Severus waited for the girl to take a seat. “You probably wonder why I requested a meeting.”

The girl tried to look energetic even as she suppressed a yawn. “Excuse me, Professor. I was up late studying.“

“Which is why we are here.” Severus paused. “Your academic efforts have taken a noticeable downturn over the past few weeks.”

She closed her eyes. “I've been working very hard, sir. Professor Umbridge - ”

“I will speak to her. Kindly remember, however, that you are here to learn, not enforce regulations.”

“Yes, sir.”

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A Minx, He Was Not (Neville/Charlie)

Title: A Minx, He Was Not.
Author: [personal profile] digthewriter
Pairing: Neville/Charlie
Word Count: 100x6
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: EWE. Post War AU.
Challenge: For [info]neville100, Prompt 393: Pudding. Also written as a belated birthday gift for [ profile] burnin_up_a_sun. Unbetaed.
Summary: Neville is concentrating on making pudding when Charlie interrupts him.

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Oct. 16th, 2018

[info]akatnamedeaster in [info]daily_deviant

Art: Crash

Artist: [info]akatnamedeaster
Media:Sketchbook/PS CS6/
Characters/Pairings: Severus/Sirius
Rating: NC-17
Kinks/Themes Chosen:Lighting
Warnings: frottage, half dressed sex
It was a dark and stormy night...

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FIC: Into the Lion's Den, G, Draco/Ginny

Title: Into the Lion's Den
Pairing: Draco/Ginny
Rating: G
Word Count: ~250 words
Notes: Unbeta'd. Written for [personal profile] nutmeg_44 who asked for Draco/Ginny, lots of humour, romance, something light.

Into the Lion's Den )

[info]ellid in [info]snape100

Title: The Resistance, VII
Challenge: Inquisitorial Squad
Word Count: 100

“Mr. Crabbe. What are you doing?”

Vincent Crabbe, plump face creased in a most unattractive grin, pointed proudly at the smoldering remains of a squirrel. “Practicing, sir.”

“Practicing what, Mr. Crabbe?” Severus tried to ignore the silver initial glinting on his robes, or the appreciative audience who stood at a respective distant. “Burning a divot out of the quidditch pitch is not part of pest control, or wasn't the last time I looked.”

Sparks crackled from the tip of Crabbe's wand. “Incendio, sir. Nothing more.”


Crabbe smiled. “One never knows when an enemy will appear, sir.”

Oct. 15th, 2018


FIC: Under Pressure, NC-17, Severus/Draco

Title: Under Pressure
Pairing: Severus/Draco
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~600 words
Content: Anal, dirty talk, desk sex, first time
Notes: Unbeta'd. Written for [personal profile] gracerene who asked for Severus/Draco, first times, dirty talk, table sex.

Under Pressure )


Salt and Pepper Fest 2019!

All the info for [community profile] hp_goldenage's 5th (FIFTH!!! I can't believe it!) annual Salt and Pepper Fest 2019 can be found here!

Prompting begins Nov 4th!

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Title: The Resistance, VI
Challenge: Inquisitorial Squad
Word Count: 100

“Them Gryffindors and Ravenclaws are up to no good.” Argus Filch, one of the few adults in Umbridge's Inquisitorial Squad, preened as he showed off the shiny silver badge pinned to his waistcoat. “Arrogant berks, them whole lot of 'em. That know it all Granger girl- I docked her five points for taking too many books out of the library. She makes the rest of the school look sad, she does, and it's time someone took her down a peg or two.”

Severus nodded, slow and thoughtful. Would Filch ever get over being a Squib?

“Indeed,” he said. “Indeed.”

Oct. 14th, 2018


Drabble: Into the Trees

Title: Into the Trees
Author: [personal profile] alisanne
Rating: PG
Word count: 100 x 2
Characters/pairings: Harry Potter/Draco Malfoy, Narcissa Malfoy.
Challenge: Written for [community profile] dracoharry100/[ profile] dracoharry100's prompt 547: Tree.
This is part 127 of my H/D Auror Series (LJ/IJ/DW).
It starts at part one: The Beginning (LJ/IJ/DW).
Disclaimer: The characters contained herein are not mine. No money is being made from this fiction, which is presented for entertainment purposes only.
Beta(s): [personal profile] sevfan and emynn.
Authors Notes: Narcissa welcomes them.

Into the Trees )

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Challenge #764: "Snape and The Inquisitorial Squad"

Challenge 764: Snape and The Inquisitorial Squad

How would Snape get along with this student group? While he was no fan of Umbridge, the members of this group were of his House, and thus under his charge. That would make for some interesting interactions, I'm sure. However you see it, this week we discuss Snape and The Inquisitorial Squad.

(Remember: drabble posts now appear on livejournal and insanejournal and dreamwidth.)

Oct. 13th, 2018

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SS/HP Prophet for October 6 - October 13

The current edition of the SS/HP Prophet has been posted here:

SS/HP Prophet for October 6 - October 13

If we missed an entry, please comment on the latest newsletter and it will be added to the next edition.

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SS/HP Prophet for October 6 - October 13

Banner art by [info]sealcat

If we missed an entry, please comment on the latest newsletter and it will be added to the next edition.

One Shots
[x] Emarwood: As You Wish [Teen]
[x] Thamiris: Dragon-Blind [Explicit]
[x] Cum_plete: Bound [Explicit] [Chan]
[x] HecatesKiss: On #5 Privet Drive [Explicit]
[x] So_I_Write: At Our Core [Explicit]

Completed Chapter Fic
[x] Black_Blade: Step back in time - Part Three – Chapter 8/8 [Mature]

Works In Progress
[x] Doctor_Who_Cares: Snape’s Sex Dungeon - Chapter 9/?[Explicit] Chan
[x] Mimmi_ger: You promised me we´d always be fine - Chapter 20/?[Explicit]
[x] Mimmi_ger: You promised me we´d always be fine - Chapter 19/?[Explicit]
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[x] Mimmi_ger: You promised me we´d always be fine - Chapter 17/?[Explicit]
[x]Elvirakitties: Trouble with a Capital T - Chapter 9/?[Teen]
[x] Yaoilover226: Time Heals - Chapter 25/26[Mature]
[x] Cithara: Wild With All Regrets - Chapter 22/?[Mature]
[x]Anonymous: Learning Curve - Chapter 1/?[Teen] [Chan]
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[x]Hippocrates460: Not Giving In - Chapter 9/?[Explicit]
[x]Mindtravelsx: there's a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in - Chapter 8/?[Not Rated]
[x]Black_blade: Step back in time - Part Three - Chapter 7/8[Mature]
[x]Black_blade: Step back in time - Part Three - Chapter 6/8[Mature]
[x]Lyraonyx: Longing of the Soul - Chapter 8/59[Explicit]
[x]Genuka: Kidnapped By Mew - Chapter 9/?[Explicit]
[x]Elvirakitties: Slytherins in Charge - Chapter 7/?[Not Rated]
[x]Rosemae: Nest Of Love - Chapter 37/?[Mature] [Chan]
[x]Hittocere (JadeHittocere): Wind Beneath My Wings - Chapter 7/?[Teen]
[x]Delizabethl22: Tea Cures All Ills - Chapter 69/?[Explicit]
[x]JacksWild: The Ties That Bind - Chapter 15/?[Explicit]
[x]Doctor_Who_Cares, NearMiss: Harry's Alpha - Chapter 12/?[Teen]
[x]LeaderOfTheShadows: Time (Un)Changed - Chapter 9/?[Teen]
[x]Snarcastic: What Comes After - Chapter 15/?[Explicit]
[x]Munroxochika: All in Due Time - Chapter 10/?[Mature]
[x]Lunarlooroo: White Heather for Protection - Chapter 91/?[General]

Drabbles And Ficlets
[x]EZM2016: Day 9: Under an Umbrella[General]
[x]EZM2016: Day 6: Ice Skating[General]
[x]Lilyseyes: Time for a Change[Explicit]
[x]Goddess47: Using Protection[General]

[x] Snarry110: Posted Challenge 646: Clean

This Newsletter
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The Friday Five 10/12/18

I'm late with this, as with everything these days. *sigh*

Tough and introspective questions are tough )

Oct. 12th, 2018

[info]ellid in [info]snape100

Title: The Resistance, V
Challenge: Dumbledore's Army
Word Count: 100

Fortunately no one but Severus saw the impromptu Defense class. Even better, no one but Severus had the occlumency skills to pick Potter's brains about “Dumbledore's Army,” nor its membership. Umbridge had her suspicions, but Severus merely concentrated on his grading and sipped tea during her visits while she blathered.

Best of all, the children were actually learning during their sessions with Potter. Severus had stayed long enough to see them learn a variety of useful offensive and defensive spells. “They'll pass their OWLS, and possibly save their lives,” he told Minerva on the sly, and she nodded in agreement.


FIC: Digital Stimulation, NC-17, Teddy/Louis

Title: Digital Stimulation
Pairing: Teddy/Louis
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: ~150 words
Content: Anal fingering, begging
Notes: Unbeta'd. Written for [personal profile] kitty_fic who asked for Teddy/Louis, fingering

Digital Stimulation )

Oct. 11th, 2018


flying organ meat blood

So, the show that hoovered up many of my waking hours (as well as hefty chunks of my sleep cycle) this past summer is up, and it's splendid. And me and my frock received many compliments throughout the day, and I dealt capably, competently, and/or creatively with assorted wrinkles and monkey wrenches prairie-dogging me through this and that ...

.. and then came home, and caused dealt with more mayhem, including the cooking of chicken livers, and then the BYM came home.

BYM [peering suspiciously at the stove]: Is that organ meat?
Me: Yep.
Me [after wincing during a hug, points to blister on collarbone]: Burned myself.
BYM: How did you manage that?
Me: Flying organ meat blood.

On a slightly less ridiculous note, here are two glimpses of the dancing at last month's Fandango. I'm wearing a short white lace dress and long white leather gloves.

A New Leaf
Marjorie's Sou'wester

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Challenge # 646

Happy Snarry Thursday, everyone!

Our new prompt this week is:

Challenge 646: Clean
Have fun!

You're free to combine this prompt with any other, and remember, we encourage cross-posting across all our journals, DW, IJ, and LJ, so feel free to post your responses to any or all of them.

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Prompt 393: Pudding

Happy Neville Thursday, everyone! :D

For our last round:
[info]digthewriter wrote The Professor, Part 33 (LJ) Neville, Theo, Charlie
[info]digthewriter wrote Memory (LJ/IJ) Harry, Neville, Draco

The new challenge is:

Prompt 393: Pudding

This prompt will run until October 25!

As always, we encourage responses to any prompt at any time, so if an older challenge inspires you, please feel free to post for it!


FIC: Because, PG, Harry/Draco

Title: Because
Pairing: Harry/Draco
Rating: PG
Word Count: ~600 words
Notes: Unbeta'd. Written for [personal profile] myrtali who asked for Draco/Harry, trying to win Draco.

Because )

[info]ellid in [info]snape100

Title: The Resistance, IV
Challenge: Dumbledore's Army
Word Count: 100

Severus waited until later that night before activating the spell-solution he'd smeared on Weasley's robes. To his surprise, the magic led him to the wall opposite the tapestry of Barnabas the Barmy, and it wasn't until he remembered that there was a room behind it that he realized the dunderhead hadn't somehow managed to apparate within the school walls.

How to get behind it? What was going on? Severus walked the corridor once, twice, three times as he wondered....

And part of the wall became transparent to reveal a dozen children summoning their Patroni as Harry Potter corrected their wandwork.

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